Maria’s Note: Earlier this month, we introduced you to the newest Rogue Economics expert – investing prodigy Chris Weber.

If you missed it, Chris made his first brilliant money move at just 16 years old. And by 18, he was independently wealthy.

He built an eight-figure net worth – without working a regular job as an adult or investing other people’s money.

Now Chris lives on a private island. He’s not a flashy guy, and he usually shuns the spotlight. But for the first time ever, he agreed to sit down for an interview and bring his wealth-building research to us.

Chris believes America’s next financial shift is set to hit in March 2024. And he wants folks to be prepared. That’s why we’re handing the reins to Chris today to share his urgent message…

Imagine making a 10,000% return on your first investment while still a teenager… and becoming independently wealthy as a result.

Or imagine living like royalty in London, England… Vienna, Austria… the French Riviera… and a private island off the Atlantic Coast all thanks to your trades and investments.

For most folks, that sounds like a dream.

But my name is Chris Weber… And that’s how I’ve lived my life.

Don’t worry if you don’t recognize my name. I’ve preferred living my life quietly, out of the spotlight, writing to a small but loyal group of investors from around the world.

Over my career, my followers have included some of the country’s best-known economists, political theorists, a 12-term U.S. congressman, the heads of Swiss banks, and some of the world’s wealthiest and most powerful investors.

I’ve even consulted for Ronald Reagan while he was in the White House.

And along the way, I’ve built an eight-figure net worth all from my own trades and investments.

It all started with that 10,000% I made when I was just 18 years old.

I’ll tell you more about that trade… and some of my other fortune-making trades.

Then I’ll show you how you can follow along with what could be the most lucrative trade of my 50-year career – “America’s Next 1,000% Trade.”

10,000% Gain on Rare Gold Coins

When I was just 16, in 1971, I made my first currency-driven trade.

As you may recall, that was a tumultuous year for the world’s money system. President Richard Nixon ended the last tie the U.S. dollar had to gold.

Since the Bretton Woods Agreement in 1944, the dollar had been backed by gold. And other countries pegged the value of their currencies to the dollar.

But by the early 1970s, inflation was soaring. And fears were mounting that America’s creditors would want to swap their dollars for gold… and drain the country’s gold reserves.

So on August 15, 1971, Nixon went on TV to announce that the U.S. was closing the “gold window.” It would no longer convert dollars to gold at a fixed rate of $35 an ounce.

I had always been a keen student of the international currency system. And I reasoned that without its gold backing, the dollar would fall against the Swiss franc and other sounder currencies.

I also figured gold would shoot up from its government-mandated price of $35, after being untethered.

I bought overseas currencies and gold with $600 I saved from working a paper route. 

It was illegal for American citizens to hold gold at the time. But you could get around the ban by buying rare gold coins.

So I bought old British Sovereigns, which were made of 22-carat gold. And I bought them “on margin.” This allowed me to control four of these rare gold coins for the price of one.

Two years later, an ounce of gold cost $207. And thanks to buying the coins on margin, I made 10,000%.

In 1971, $60,000 was a lot of money… especially for an 18-year-old. With inflation, that would be about $456,000 today.

This allowed me to follow my passion for investing. And I then embarked on a series of fortune-making market calls while traveling the world.

Betting Big on Bonds

My next big trade was in November 1978. I reckoned the U.S. dollar had fallen too far.

So I backed a rising dollar. And it was perfect timing. The U.S. Dollar Index – which measures the strength of the dollar versus its trading partners’ currencies – bottomed that month.

I made 1,000% on that bullish dollar trade.

Then in January 1980, I put my money into Treasury bonds.

At the time, you could earn 11% a year on the 30-year Treasury bond.

That sounds great… But this was at the peak of the inflationary cycle that began in the early 1970s.

By 1980, the annual inflation rate topped 13%. Most folks at time weren’t interested in an 11% yield. Once you accounted for inflation, it was a losing bet.

But I saw what then-Federal Reserve chairman Paul Volcker was doing to rein in rising prices. I believed Volcker would succeed in breaking inflation. So I loaded up on bonds.

Again, my timing was spot on. Inflation peaked in 1980 and was as low as 1.9% by 1986.

I lived off the income from those bonds through most of the 1980s.

In the 1990s, my focus turned to infrastructure stocks after an investment scouting trip to Southeast Asia. Things were booming there.

This paid off so well that, by 1995, at the age of 40, I decided to retire.

But I couldn’t stay away…

600% Gain on Gold

In 2001, I got back into gold again.

It had been in a bear market for more than 20 years, bottoming out near $250 per ounce from a peak of $850 in 1980.

I believed it had gone as low as it was going to go… And no one else saw this.

It let me bag a 600% return.

But the call I’m most proud of went out to my subscribers on November 17, 2007.

I told them to get out of the stock market because it was going to fall apart. And we know what happened after that…

Subscribers who followed my warning sidestepped the roughly 50% drop in stocks that followed.

I also recommended they buy gold and silver. And these metals went up as much as 170% and 90% over the next five years.

The profitable calls I’ve made for my subscribers are too numerous to list here…

But the most recent – a trade on rising interest rates I sent to my subscribers in March 2021 – is up 41%.

Now, you can’t profit from my past calls, I know. But you do have the chance to subscribe to my newsletter, The Weber Report. 

Because for the first time, I’ve agreed to go on camera, on record with my next prediction

Make This Unconventional Money Move

I’m calling it “America’s Next 1,000% Trade.”

It centers on a monetary shift set to hit in March 2024. And I believe that if you make an unconventional but easy move with your money… You can set yourself up for life.

And even if you’re not interested in that… You need to pay attention.

Because nearly everyone – regular folks and professionals alike – are making a big mistake today.

And it’s the exact same mistake everyone made in the 1970s, when I booked multiple gains of more than 1,000%.

Today, the public believes inflation has peaked and that interest rates will drop down from nearly 6%, where they are today, to about 2%.

I don’t think that’s the case.

That’s why I got on camera for the first time to share details of what I see coming. You can watch the interview now by clicking right here.


Chris Weber

Editor, The Weber Report