Our Experts

Nomi Prins

Nomi PrinsEditor, Distortion Report, Distortion Money Matrix, Energy Distortion Monitor, EV Blueprint, Inside Wall Street with Nomi Prins

Nomi Prins is a best-selling author, financial journalist, and former global investment banker. Nomi reached the upper echelons of Wall Street before setting out to demystify the world of money. As a lifelong learner, she encourages others to ask big questions and think for themselves.

John Pangere

John PangereSenior Analyst, Rogue Strategic Trader

John Pangere is senior analyst for Rogue Strategic Trader. Each month, he tells readers what’s happening in the world and where to find the best ways to profit.

Lau Vegys

Lau VegysAnalyst, Distortion Report and Inside Wall Street With Nomi Prins

Lau Vegys is a financial analyst whose work supports Rogue Economics’ publications. He specializes in spotting megatrends in sectors like precious metals, mining, and technology.

Amir Goren

Amir GorenSenior Analyst, Energy Distortion Monitor, EV Blueprint

Amir Goren is a macroeconomist Ph.D with a specialty in International and Monetary macroeconomics. Before joining Rogue Economics, he worked for General Motors as an economist, in International Markets and Mobility.

Clint Brewer

Clint BrewerAnalyst, Distortion Money Matrix and Energy Distortion Monitor

For nearly 20 years, Clint Brewer has provided investment research for some of the largest institutions in the world, including Fidelity, Capital Group, and Citadel.