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Inside Wall Street with Nomi Prins is the only daily newsletter that features the unique ideas of financial author, investigative journalist, and former global investment banker Nomi Prins.

Distortion Report is a monthly newsletter designed to help you profit from the disconnect between the markets and the real economy. Nomi follows the money, just as she's done for decades. And she provides actionable investment recommendations, including an exclusive model portfolio, so you can navigate the distortions she sees coming and grow your wealth.

At Distortion Money Matrix, Nomi uses simple options trading strategies to help readers come out ahead in The Great Distortion. She uses her proprietary Distortion Signals to determine where the distortion money is flowing. And she provides, on average, two actionable trade recommendations each month.

Nomi has identified the biggest profit opportunities unfolding in the energy markets in the next 12-24 months. And she put together a model portfolio to help guide her readers through this massive distortion.

Strategic Trader is a premium trading service dedicated to finding 1,000% winners with the least amount of risk.

At EV Blueprint, we seek to profit from the transition from gas-powered cars to electric vehicles. There will be both winners and losers as a result of this transition, and we aim to identify opportunities for our readers to profit from both.

Rogue Portfolio is Rogue Economics’ special-situations research advisory. It’s designed to help investors protect and grow their wealth in any market environment.