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Occasionally, we come across ideas that mesh well with our own and pass them along. And one thing you know if you’ve been following along with us… the media and the news is always either late… or just plain wrong.

So if you base your trades around the news… you’ll always lose money.

That’s why Imre Gams and Jeff Clark – two of our master traders – have developed a breakthrough trading strategy. And it’s notched a 79% win-rate over the past 12 months… and generated a 960% return… without the need to take excessive risks with your money.

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How much better would your trading returns be if you could predict major news events ahead of time?

Wars… coup d’états… assassinations… natural disasters…

You may think these news headlines would affect markets in predictable ways.

But as I’ll show you today, that’s not how markets work.

To show you what I mean, let’s look at two past examples…

Shots Ring Out in Dallas

Take the afternoon of November 22, 1963.

At 12:30 p.m., to be precise.

That’s when three shots rang out from a sixth-floor window of the Texas School Book Depository in Dallas, Texas.

Crouched inside was a former U.S. Marine called Lee Harvey Oswald. He took aim at President John F. Kenney’s motorcade and fired three shots from his bolt-action Carcano rifle.

One bullet struck the president in the back. Another hit him in the head.

JFK died 30 minutes later in Parkland Memorial Hospital. This left his vice president, Lyndon B. Johnson, to take over the duties of running the country.

You’d expect the first assassination of a sitting U.S. president in more than 60 years would have sent the U.S. stock market tumbling.

But that’s not what happened…

As you can see, anyone betting on falling stocks in the wake of the tragic events in Dallas would have lost their shirt.


As you can see, the S&P 500 rallied more than 7% into the end of the year.

The next significant pullback didn’t occur until May 1965.

And the market wrongfooted traders again 42 years later when a category four hurricane made landfall along the Gulf Coast on the morning of August 29, 2005.

The Crude Oil Rally That Never Happened

Hurricane Katrina was one of the deadliest coastline hurricanes in U.S. history.

In addition to the heart-rending loss of lives… it shut down 95% of crude oil production in the Gulf of Mexico.

This wreaked havoc on oil supply. And you might think this would have caused the price of crude oil to skyrocket.

But that’s not what happened…


Crude oil only went up in price for just one day after the storm.

Then it plunged by almost 17%, eventually finding a bottom in November 2005.

I’m not suggesting you’d try to profit from these tragic events.

The reason I bring them up is to show you that there’s a world of difference between how most folks think markets would react to major news events… and how they actually react.

And there’s a reason for that…

Who Else Wants a 79% Win-Rate?

The most common models most traders use to predict market moves don’t work.

Supply and demand, Efficient Market Hypothesis (the idea that market moves are random), macroeconomic analysis – none have a consistent track record when it comes to predicting market moves.

But there is one model that’s consistently been successful. It’s the same one I use day-in and day-out to profitably trade the markets.

It’s a unique framework that allows regular folks to trade for higher returns than some of the world’s highest-paid traders.

It’s based on a breakthrough trading strategy that has been tested and proven to generate a 79% win-rate over the past 12 months… and generated a 960% return… without taking excessive risk.

Studying this model has completely changed my understanding of not just our financial systems, but of the world as well.

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Imre Gams

Editor, Market Minute

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