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New Year’s resolutions don’t work.

23% of people quit their resolutions in one week; 43% quit by the end of the month.

At this point in 2024, a good chunk of people have given up…

But you don’t have to.

If you do nothing else for 2024, learn the economics of land and economic rent.

Here’s why.

The U.S. economy recorded a 3.3% growth rate for the prior quarter. And if I may say so humbly, I did tell you this was highly likely to happen.

And I was among the very, very few people in the world who forecast that the U.S. economy would gather strength throughout 2023 and that the U.S. market indices would finish at or close to all-time highs by the end of last year.

And Here We Are

It’s not that I have a crystal ball that tells me all this. Or magic beans that grow money on a beanstalk.

I just understand the land market.

And I know that modern-day economics has been totally corrupted. So, there’s no reason to listen to what mainstream media says.

There’s a publisher, the U.K.-based Shepheard-Walwyn Publishers, that has made a good deal of effort over the years to bring exactly this to the attention of the public.

It’s been largely ignored, of course.

Which is good news for you. It’s a way to get a decisive market edge.

Here’s a book I think you should make an effort to read. It’s a book written by Mason Gaffney and it’s titled Corruption of Economics.

Fred Harrison, who co-wrote Corruption of Economics with the late Mason Gaffney, a land economics professor at Riverside University, California, did a great podcast about the whole process here.

I don’t generally like including multiple links in these newsletters, but I do feel it’s worth it.

This knowledge has proven to be very rewarding indeed.

And it has removed so much stress from my investment career.

What I Learned About the Corruption of Economics

Gaffney proves to you why mainstream economists will never ever be able to accurately forecast economic behavior.

You simply must understand that economics as a subject taught today in schools and universities has been thoroughly and quite deliberately corrupted.

Understanding that economics has quite deliberately excluded “land” from the equation – and why this was done – has, without doubt, helped me trade markets far better than I could have otherwise.

The economic understanding that helped me came from the above two authors.

And I want you to have this understanding, too.

Reading or listening to the opinions of conventional economists these days is going to seriously mislead you.

The only real chance at creating generational wealth today for you and your family in a society that privatizes the natural rent of land is to understand precisely why land is at the heart of every modern economy.

And as we have now entered the melt-up phase of the 18.6-year real estate cycle, it’s never been more important for you to understand the difference.



Phil Anderson

Editor, Cycles Trading with Phil Anderson

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