Inside Wall Street With Nomi Prins

Inside Wall Street with Nomi Prins is the only daily newsletter that features the unique ideas of financial author, investigative journalist, and former global investment banker Nomi Prins.

Before becoming a renowned journalist and public speaker, Nomi reached the upper echelons of the financial world.

She worked as a managing director at Goldman Sachs, a strategist at Lehman Brothers, and an analyst at the Chase Manhattan Bank, and she ran the international analytics group as a senior managing director at Bear Stearns in London.

But Nomi grew discouraged by the unethical practices that permeated the banking industry, and she walked away from Wall Street. She set out to shed light on the ways financial systems are manipulated to serve the interests of an elite few… at the expense of everyone else.

Today, she brings those insights to Rogue Economics.

At Inside Wall Street with Nomi Prins, Nomi and her team of global experts zero in on the epic disconnect between the markets and the real economy.

And, using Nomi’s inside Wall Street experience, they show you how you can use this disconnect to your advantage.

Every day, you’ll hear from Nomi and contributing editors Eoin Treacy and Laurynas Vegys. They’ll uncover the best ways to take advantage of the top trends on Nomi’s radar – along with investing mistakes you’ll want to avoid.

It’s a window into the world of Wall Street, the markets, and the economy that you won’t find anywhere else.

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Nomi Prins is a best-selling author, financial journalist, and former global investment banker. Nomi reached the upper echelons of Wall Street before setting out to demystify the world of money. As a lifelong learner, she encourages others to ask big questions and think for themselves.

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