Maria’s Note: Maria Bonaventura here, senior managing editor of Rogue Economics. Today’s Inside Wall Street comes from colleague David Forest. In 2019, his Strategic Trader advisory introduced readers to an investment secret that’s typically reserved only for billionaires.

Using this strategy, Strategic Trader readers have made gains as high as 392%… 2,805%… even 4,942%. It has been so lucrative for his readers that David has filmed a special briefing to tell you all about it.

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If you follow along in the mainstream financial media, you’ll hear plenty of stories about the Wall Street elite cleaning out the markets…

And leaving the rest of us with table scraps.

For example, legendary investor Warren Buffett made a reported $12 billion in Bank of America after the 2008 financial crash – a 240% return. He also negotiated similar investments in Goldman Sachs and General Electric, for gains of nearly $4 billion and $1.5 billion, respectively.

And it’s not just Warren Buffett. Billionaire investors like David Einhorn and John Paulson use the same strategy as Buffett to pad their pocketbooks.

Now, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is using it, too (more on that in a moment)…

And I’m about to tell you the secret strategy used in those windfall gains.

You can use it to trade on most major stock exchanges – including the Nasdaq and the New York Stock Exchange.

It is easy to buy and sell through nearly any brokerage account… Anyone can own it.

At Casey Research, we’ve been bringing these investments to readers of our Strategic Trader advisory for over three years. And we don’t just settle for 240% gains.

In fact, we’ve used this strategy for gains as high as 4,942%…

How We Can Beat the Big Guys

I’m talking about a little-known security called “warrants.”

It’s one of my favorite wealth-building strategies.

But if you’ve never heard of warrants before, you’re not alone. I’d guess that nearly 99.99% of investors have never heard of them.

And that’s a shame. Because the potential returns of these investments are staggering.

Take one of the warrants we sold out of in Strategic Trader: Purple Innovation.

In February 2019, when we recommended the Purple Innovation warrants, their average daily trading volume was under 65,000. Walmart, by contrast, regularly trades several millions of shares daily.

For that reason, a lot of mainstream investors have no idea they exist.

The best part? Many warrants trade below a dollar. Some trade as low as 10 cents… even a penny, in some cases. At the time we recommended them, the Purple Innovation warrants cost around 20 cents.

But make no mistake. These aren’t penny stocks.

The Purple Innovation warrants, for example, were issued by a company that sells mattresses. It’s got steady revenues and easy-to-understand operations.

The thing with warrants is, they’re leveraged to the price of the stock. If the stock does well, the warrants often do better… by a longshot.

The regular shares of Purple Innovation went up 421% after our recommendation. That was pretty good.

But when we sold them in October 2020, the Purple Innovation warrants we recommended to our readers had gone up a stunning 4,942%.

That’s enough to turn every $1,000 invested into over $50,000.

Even with a small investment – the kind that doesn’t jeopardize your life savings – you can make enough to meaningfully improve your life.

That’s real wealth creation.

Life-Changing Profits… Without Betting the Farm

Now, you may think I’m just picking an exceptional example.

I’m not.

Another of our February 2019 warrant recommendations, Blink Charging, gained 2,805% before we sold them in November 2020. That’s enough to turn a $1,000 investment into $29,050.

And we did it again with Vivint Smart Home warrants for a 393% return. That would have turned a $1,000 investment into nearly $5,000.

Other warrants in my portfolio are currently up between 5% and 1,060%. And I believe they have much greater upside ahead.

But there’s another point I want to stress.

Warrants aren’t risky or complicated financial instruments. You can buy and sell them as easily as stocks with just a couple of clicks, right from your brokerage account. And you don’t need a lot of money to see life-changing results.

As I showed above, just $1,000 could return windfalls.

That means you can build a substantial position without investing billions… and you can cash out for greater returns than if you had invested in the stock itself.

Warrants give you a chance at life-changing profits… on easy-to-understand terms… without betting the farm.

That’s why we’ve been bringing this strategy to our readers since 2019.

And as I showed above, it’s really paid off – and we’re just getting started.

Now… back to Jeff Bezos and Amazon…

Our Next Big Windfall – Jeff Bezos

Most investors make a bet on a company’s stock in hopes that it goes higher. Over time, they want to create new wealth by betting on the potential for that company to do well.

But Jeff Bezos isn’t like the rest of us. He’s one of the world’s richest men for a reason.

According to Amazon’s most recent quarterly filing with the SEC, the value of the investments it holds in companies is around $6.4 billion.

That’s over 10 times the value just three years ago. This means Amazon may be sitting on more than $5 billion in investment gains so far.

And we’ve figured out how Bezos does it… It’s a simple formula, really.

  1. Take a stake in a company and negotiate warrants.

  2. Sign a massive contract for its services.

  3. Watch your investment shoot higher.

Taking a closer look at Amazon’s investment profile, we can see Bezos isn’t playing for small gains.

Bezos wants a grand slam every time he steps up to the plate. Now, he’s guaranteeing his grand slams with… you guessed it, warrants.

Here’s an example of how he’s doing it…

Amazon has used Canadian charter aircraft company Cargojet for years to move packages. But in 2019, the company wanted to expand its partnership.

So Amazon decided to invest in Cargojet. But Bezos didn’t ask for stock. He asked for warrants.

Cargojet agreed to issue warrants to Amazon with a $91.78 per share strike price. That means Amazon has the right to buy shares of Cargojet for $91.78 for seven years – no matter how high the stock price goes in that time.

But for Amazon to “unlock” all of the warrants, it has to spend $400 million with Cargojet over that timeframe.

It’s a win-win. In 2019, Cargojet did $367 million in sales. Amazon promised to add hundreds of millions more.

Today, shares of Cargojet trade for $154. That means Amazon’s potentially sitting on 67% gains right now.

And Amazon has done this at least six times so far… to the tune of as much as $2.5 billion.

Historic Opportunity

Jeff Bezos’ seventh warrants deal is what has me so excited today. That’s because it can change my readers’ lives.

In fact, I’ve never seen a deal with the potential to make my readers as much money as this… ever.

That’s why I recorded a special briefing to get the word out.

It’s called the “Zero to Retirement Summit.” I’ll give you all the details on how to ride Jeff Bezos’ coattails to huge profits.

I believe warrants could change the course of your wealth for years to come. And it could jumpstart a generational wealth trend that could help you weather any volatile and inflationary economic conditions to come.

If that sounds too good to be true, I urge you to watch my video. It’s free… and it shows you one simple way you can invest alongside the world’s richest businessmen.

Keep walking the path,


David Forest
Editor, Strategic Trader