By Phil Anderson, Editor, Cycles Trading with Phil Anderson

The Eleventh Hour has begun. Were you ready?

Absolutely nobody is listening. The Nasdaq is now going up faster in 2023 than it went down in 2022.

That’s a meltup. A period in which every asset starts to soar at the same time.

I tried to tell you…

My readers know that before the 18.6-year real estate cycle turns, we would see exactly this.

A bull market stretch of epic proportions.

Well, it’s here.

In a moment, I’ll explain exactly what’s going on and what to do next.

The Tech “Melt Up” Is Here

Check out the chart below.


Does that chart in 2023 look like a bear market to you?

It shouldn’t.

What it does look like is the final stage of the real estate cycle.

If you are able to remember the year 2003 – or 1983 even – we are at the same spot in the cycle now as we were then.

History Repeats Itself Like Clockwork

After 1983, the U.S. saw the biggest boom of all time – that is, until 2003, when it happened all over again.

Even bigger.

And I tell you, it’s coming again.

The prior cycle was led by Paris Hilton, the person famous for being famous.

I recall being fortunate enough to travel extensively through the U.S. at that time.

Waiting for flights in every single airport, I still find it hard to forget the wall-to-wall coverage of her every move: the daily hairstyle, the newest handbag, or the latest group of famous friends she was hanging out with.

And not to mention that album in 2006.

And remember, too, this was pre-iPhone. No apps, no sharing, no Facetime, no sending snaps like you can now. (Gosh, how did we ever cope back then?)

This is going to repeat shortly. Though never quite exactly in the same way.

It will sound strange… but it’s how you work out where you are in the cycle.

When a whole country gets obsessed with something or someone so insignificant or obscure, it becomes oblivious to the biggest historical moves in the economy and the markets.

We May Know What Leads It This Time…

This time, it appears to be artificial intelligence.

It’s everywhere. And nobody understands what it really means.

It’s popular because it’s popular. But everybody and their uncle will try to get in on this.

It’s like the bitcoin bubble never happened… or the dot-com crisis…

If you think the markets are going to collapse from here, then I think you’re on the wrong tram – or train – or plane.

We’re in for another crazy ride.

And if you’re wondering what you should do to prepare… I’ve got you covered.

Because we’ve entered the period of the real estate cycle in which the greatest gains can be made… if you’re prepared for the market’s moves.

I’ve designed my premium newsletter, The Signal, to give you specific plays that do well in each part of the cycle, so you can build (or rebuild) your wealth.

Check it out right here.



Phil Anderson

Editor, Cycles Trading with Phil Anderson

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