You’d think they would know better…

People in the highest echelons of power and business have access to information and networks that, you’d assume, would inform them how things “really” are.

Isn’t it in their interest? Wouldn’t their businesses and political parties, respectively, benefit from knowing and exploiting the reality of the economy and the way the world works?

The incentives are here… whoever is the most right about the economy, the markets, or geopolitical risks would be best positioned to make their business or country blossom.

But it’s not how it works.

The elites are just as ignorant as any “armchair analyst.”

And that’s why you can get an edge over them.

The Echo Chamber of Doom

Later this month, the global “visionaries” will gather in the Swiss town of Davos to socialize and prophesize.

Ignore the whole thing… you won’t learn much.

I have successfully done so and had much better results with my 18.6-year real estate cycle approach.

Here’s how wrong they are…

From the Financial Times:

Each year, the WEF asks 1,500 of its “community” — elite business leaders, academics, politicians and so on — to cite key risks, and then crunches that with Marsh McLennan and Zurich Insurance Group. The latest reading, released before the WEF’s annual meeting in Davos this month, might make even Pollyanna weep.

Apparently Davos groupies have “a predominantly negative outlook for the world over the next two years that is expected to worsen over the next decade,” with 54 per cent braced for “some instability and a moderate risk of global catastrophes” in the short term — and 30 per cent predicting severe upheaval.

“A predominantly negative outlook for the world over the next two years…” Interesting.

My 18.6-year real estate cycle tells me the exact opposite.

We are in the “Eleventh Hour” stage, and the next two years could be the highlight of this cycle. Ample liquidity, growth, asset price appreciation…

It will be predominantly great!

They Won’t Tell You the Truth

Why would the elites be so down on the economy and the state of the world in general?

Last year, everybody and their dog expected a recession.

I said there would be none. And none happened.

Everybody said that the housing market would crash because interest rates were high…

I recommended a housing stock in my The Signal service and saw its price soar by over 50% in a matter of months…

It’s not that these “elites” are malignant… they don’t want you to lose necessarily.

They are just like most people – overconfident, undereducated where it matters most, and generally clueless.

Listen to them at your own risk.

Or stop – and let me show you how to navigate the cycles that have ruled finance for over 223 years…



Phil Anderson

Editor, Cycles Trading with Phil Anderson

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