JULESBURG, COLORADO – We drove across Wyoming today.

We stopped on Highway 487 between Casper and Medicine Bow. It was so windy, we were worried Penny (9) would blow away if she got out of the car.

The blades on these turbines were really spinning. And the air was so cold, our ears and noses went numb.

Here’s Dusty (13) getting blasted…


Dusty (13) braves the cold Wyoming wind

This is Rock River, Wyoming, population 245. It was bitterly cold and windy here, too…


The tiny town of Rock River, Wyoming

Stop in Laramie

We stayed the night with my friend Dan Denning, coauthor of The Bonner-Denning Letter, in Laramie. We ordered Chinese takeout and watched Lost In Space.

Here we are in Dan’s apartment, having a great time…


Dan and Penny (9) play in the living room

Slow and Steady

My family and I are a traveling homeschool family. We’re currently driving across the U.S. from Idaho to Florida.

We aren’t using Interstate highways. Only state and county roads. They’re not as fast, but they’re far more enjoyable…


The Dysons take a county road in Wyoming

As we drove east, it flattened out…

Dan gave the kids a football before we left Laramie. Here they are practicing spiral passes with it in a field near Stoneham, Colorado…


The boys throw the football Dan gave them

Eastern Colorado is flat as a pancake. This is near Crook, Colorado…


Train tracks in Eastern Colorado

Quiet Motel

Tonight I’m writing to you from a motel on Highway 138 outside Julesburg, Colorado. We’re two miles from Nebraska.

The motel is so quiet, when we wanted to check in, we had to call a number taped to the door. The manager pulled up in her car a few minutes later. I think we’re the only guests. We paid $75.

Julesburg is one of those towns the Interstate bypassed. When we drove down Main Street just now, it felt like midnight even though it was only 5 p.m. (It gets dark early here.)

The train comes through town. We’ve heard three already this evening. It blows its horn right opposite the motel and startles us. I love it.

– Tom Dyson

P.S. This motel is for sale. A couple bought it in 1961. They died in the ’80s, and the kids inherited it. Now the kids are getting old, and they’re selling it. The asking price is $350,000… for 11 clean rooms and an adjoining house.


A motel for sale in Colorado

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Kind words for Tom’s recent investment observation… and praise for the Dysons’ homeschooling journey…

Reader comment: A while ago, you gave us a tip on a fund with low risk and decent returns and your recent advice on the Series I bonds was also a very good one. Thank you. Your homeschooling is working. Your son’s letters are informative and well written, especially for someone his age!

Reader comment: Regarding the homeschooling vs. traditional schooling debate, just keep in mind that schooling and education are not necessarily the same thing. The vast majority of innovators, philosophers, and entrepreneurs throughout the span of human history did not have institutional schooling. Our institutional schools in the U.S., as a whole, are an observable failure. Time to try a different approach.

Reader comment: I would like to add to the number of folks who enjoy your writings of your family life. What stands out to me is this: All that you do has meaning for your life. That has to be the most satisfying thing about living because learning and meaning go together. Thank you and your family for being an example of how to live wisely. Even in the management of your finances, you are using your knowledge and experience to keep your family safe. It’s about security and not greed. This is inspiration and ultimate caring and love.

Tom’s note: As always, thanks for writing in. We read every message you send us, even if we don’t respond right away. Please keep them coming at [email protected].