OZARK, ARKANSAS – Greetings from small-town America…

Since I last wrote to you, we’ve crossed Kansas. I’m writing to you now from a tiny town in northwestern Arkansas called Ozark.

My family and I are a traveling family.

Almost four years ago we dropped out from normal life and hit the road with nothing but a suitcase and a dream to see the world. We’ve been on the road ever since.

We’re currently driving across America from Idaho to Florida in a car and sleeping in cheap roadside motels. We aim to be with Kate’s parents in Florida by Christmas.

Here we are having lunch at a roadside shack yesterday in Hays, Kansas…


Lunch at a roadside shack in Kansas

Finding “Assets That Sweat” in Small-Town America

Along the way, I keep an eye on the markets.

As longtime readers know, I went nearly “all in” on gold in 2018. But I’m also interested in tangible assets that “sweat.”

For example, this pipeline infrastructure belongs to Enterprise Products Partners (EPD). Enterprise Products is a natural gas and crude oil pipeline company.


Pipeline infrastructure outside McPherson, Kansas

This pipeline infrastructure is called the Conway Complex. We found it outside McPherson, Kansas. (Years ago, I recommended Enterprise Products’ stock for income in The 12% Letter, my newsletter at the time.)

Oneok (OKE), a company focused mainly on natural gas, has projects here too. We found lots of railcars for transporting fuels to places the pipelines don’t serve…


Railcars transport fuel to places the pipelines don’t serve

Meanwhile, Walmart is headquartered in Bentonville, Arkansas. So when we passed through Bentonville earlier today, we had to stop at a Walmart store and stretch our legs.

Here are the kids playing with a Nerf football in the parking lot. (Walmart was another 12% Letter recommendation years ago.)


Playing football in the Walmart parking lot in Arkansas

Tomorrow we’ll see more of Arkansas…

– Tom Dyson

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Readers are enjoying following the Dyson family’s trip across the country – including a windy stop in Wyoming – and share their own travel experiences…

Reader comment: Loved your picture of the Tomahawk Motel. My wife and I took a driving vacation this summer through the western U.S., like you using all the back roads and highways. One of our stops for the night was at the Tomahawk Motel in Riverton. I have been reading your Postcards since the beginning and look forward to each posting. I will keep you and your family in my prayers for safe travel as you make your way to Florida. I also remember in my prayers for your father and his journey through the chemotherapy.

Reader comment: That part of Wyoming brings back many fond memories of several trips to Dude Ranches North and West of Riverton. Since you are headed east and like taking the road-less-traveled, you might research the Sandhills of Nebraska if you haven’t seen them before. I stumbled upon them many years ago on the way from North Carolina to Wyoming with a stopover to camp in Custer State Park in South Dakota.

I was looking for a scenic route but was totally taken by surprise by the sand hills which cover thousands of square kilometers. The sand hills are large sand dunes hundreds of feet high covered with prairie and dotted with small lakes in the valleys. I never anticipated such a sight and I have never forgotten my delight at this unexpected landscape.

Reader comment: Once, on a very windy day, when I stopped in Wyoming for gas, I asked the attendant if it was always this windy. His reply, “No. It’s usually worse.”

Reader comment: I have always traveled solo. Most often hostels, inexpensive motels. Once I looked the room over and decided that the bed had been slept in. Dumb me I stayed there overnight. Got head lice! Beware.

Reader comment: Just started reading about your driving trip to Florida. What a fascinating adventure and study of the real U.S… beyond the loud and dominating metro areas. Having grown up decades ago in very rural and VERY cold North Dakota… a ranch house with no central heating… only an oil stove on the first floor. Us kids slept on the unheated second floor! With this background, I will be fascinated to follow your journey!

While another reader shares general praise for Postcards and Tom’s Portfolio

Reader comment: I love your Postcards and Portfolio! Thanks so much for sharing it all! Your viewpoints have helped me tremendously and I always look forward to what y’all are up to! I am a 35-year-old female investor and have been wanting to cross paths with you somewhere in the world for some time now.

Tom’s note: As always, thanks for writing in! Please keep your messages coming at [email protected], and I’ll do my best to answer them in a future Friday mailbag edition.