Distortion Money Matrix

Distortion Money Matrix is a unique trading service led by Nomi Prins.

Nomi is a renowned financial author and former Wall Street insider. She once reached the upper echelons of the world of finance – including a coveted role as a managing director at Goldman Sachs.

Today, she uses her experiences to help readers get ahead.

She shines a light on what she calls The Great Distortion. It’s a massive wealth transfer… And it’s the cause of the permanent disconnect Nomi sees between the markets and the real economy.

There are ways to come out ahead, if you know where the money is flowing. And at Distortion Money Matrix, Nomi uses simple options strategies to help readers do just that.

She guides her readers using Distortion Signals. It’s a proprietary system she developed to determine where the distortion money is flowing.

And she provides, on average, two actionable trade recommendations each month.

Publication’s Expert

Nomi Prins is a best-selling author, financial journalist, and former global investment banker. Nomi reached the upper echelons of Wall Street before setting out to demystify the world of money. As a lifelong learner, she encourages others to ask big questions and think for themselves.

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