Eighteen months ago, I dropped my children, my job, my friends, my home, my comfy life…

And off I went.

With a one-way plane ticket and a small pack on my back, I ventured into the world to find a cure for my depression and get my happiness back.

It was either that… or die of a broken spirit. It was a decision of pure necessity. Nothing else had worked. I had to do it.

This is the classic Joseph Campbell “Hero’s Journey.” It’s one of the most timeless story structures in all art and literature. Fear-filled underdog gets the courage to face his demons, overcome them, and forge a path through “The Unknown” to resolve a conflict. Along the way, he finds treasure, fights monsters and dragons, and gets help from magical strangers. The Hobbit, Star Wars, The Hunger Games, and The Karate Kid are all examples of this.

First, I faced my fear of leaving, of losing my income, of hurting my kids, of the demon guarding the gate. Then, I thrust myself into The Unknown to find a cure for my illness.

Now, here in The Unknown, I’m having a great adventure. I’ve picked up treasure (my family). I’ve overcome obstacles in my path. I’ve had to fight scary demons and monsters (muggers, my mother’s health). I’m being helped by magical strangers along my way.

With some luck, I will find what I’m looking for.

Railways – if you hadn’t noticed from some of my previous notes to you – have played a big part in my life story. Some might even call me a “trainspotter.” I love sharing this passion with my family. Here’s what an Indian second-class carriage looks like from the outside…


An Indian train car

And here’s what it looks like on the inside…


Tom and family traveling by rail

The Dow-to-Gold ratio began its long walk down the mountain 20 years ago. It should have completed this walk years ago… probably in 2011…

But, like a stubborn child who refuses to eat his peas, the Fed delayed, stalled, and refused to let the ratio get to where it naturally wanted to go – below five.

And so, for the last seven years, the ratio has been rising… until September 2018, that is, when market conditions turned… and it began falling again.

The Dow-to-Gold ratio peaked at 22.36 last September. It’s been falling ever since. It’s at 19.09 today. If I’m right about its “rendezvous with destiny”… we’re on the precipice of a much bigger decline.