CORPORATE APARTMENT, BALTIMORE – My preferred way to play the coming collapse in the Dow-to-Gold ratio is with physical gold, as I’ve explained many times.

When we decided to go “all in” on gold, ALL I cared about was getting as MUCH pure gold for my money as possible.

I didn’t care if I was buying Krugerrands, gold ingots, or used gold earrings. I just wanted the best deal for gold I could get.

This would still be my approach today.

Many of you have asked me for help buying physical gold. So I took a glance at the marketplace yesterday. I found three products I liked…

No. 1: David Hall Rare Coins

The first way I found to buy cheap gold was through my friend Van Simmons at David Hall Rare Coins.

In the first half of the 20th century, billions of dollars’ worth of American gold coins went to Europe. Many of them ended up in the vaults of Swiss banks. They lifted the ban in 1975 and the coins began flowing back to America.

During the 1980s and 1990s, experts estimate that as much as $100 million worth of U.S. gold coins came back to the U.S. every year.

The flow of coins from Europe has slowed in recent years, but Van says the biggest European gold coin collection he and his partner have ever heard about came onto the market in America A YEAR AGO.

Van says it’s probably worth hundreds of millions of dollars and may have belonged to someone like J.P. Morgan or the Rockefeller heirs. It caused the price of antique gold coins in circulated condition to fall to levels we haven’t seen in over 50 years.

Van and his partner David Hall have continued to acquire parts of this collection. He’s selling these mint-condition antique gold coins at just a 3% to 4% premium to their fine gold content.

Specifically, Van is selling $20 Libertys (minted in the years 1874-1907) in XF and AU condition. (XF means “extra fine” condition and AU means “almost uncirculated” condition.) He’ll sell them to you at 3% to 4% over the spot price of gold.

When Kate and I bought our physical gold, these are the coins we bought, but I didn’t get such low premiums as Van is offering now. (I bought mine in 2018.)

I love old coins and I was overjoyed to be able to buy them at a premium I’d only ever seen for junk gold and gold ingots. (XF and AU condition Libertys have never in history traded at such low premiums to the price of gold. In the past, these coins have commanded 30% to 100% premiums to the spot gold price.)

Also, Libertys are like the low-cost ETF of the antique gold coin market. Van calls them “generic” coins because they’re the most liquid gold coin in the world. Any decent gold coin dealer in America will buy them back from me at a fair price when it comes time to sell. For example, Van trades them at a $25 bid-ask spread.

Van is one of the two partners at David Hall Rare Coins in Newport Beach, California. They’ve been in business for 40 years.

Find out more at:


No. 2: Asset Strategies International

The second way I found to buy cheap gold was through my friends Michael and Rich Checkan at Asset Strategies International.

They’re selling “proof” 1-ounce Gold Eagles at a 2.9% premium to the spot price of gold.

Gold Eagles are modern American gold coins produced by the U.S. Mint. “Proof” means they’re the finest quality of coin produced by the Mint.

(This offer is only for customers who buy at least 20 ounces. The price goes up a little for smaller purchases.)

I’ve known Michael and Rich for many years and recommended them many times in my newsletters. They’ve been in the coin business since 1982.

Reach them at:


No. 3: Kitco

The final way I found to buy cheap gold was at

I saw 1-ounce gold bars on sale for $13 over the spot price of gold. That’s less than a 1% premium over the spot price of gold.

(This offer is only for customers who buy at least 20 ounces. The price goes up a few dollars per ounce for smaller purchases.)

Check it out at:


Why I’m Bringing You This

I have personally bought gold from each of these gold sources over the years.

I don’t receive any compensation or special discounts from any of them and I never have. They’re just offering the best gold coin deals I know about.

I hope that’s helpful.

– Tom Dyson

P.S. I noticed the guys at Asset Strategies International also have a great deal on junk silver.

They’re selling junk Silver Halves at $.35 over spot, less than quarters and dimes, which is usually not the case. This comes out to just 2% over spot.

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Readers concerned about the coronavirus outbreak plead with Tom and family to get checked out…

Reader comment: I hope the “cold” your family has isn’t the coronavirus! I thought of you when news of it started seeping out! Be careful…

Reader comment: You mentioned that your family was suffering some sickness. The coronavirus is very contagious and spreading. You should get your family checked out very quickly as now thousands are dying in China.

Reader comment: I am concerned about you and your family. Do you think they were exposed to the Coronavirus when you were in China and Japan? I hear the incubation period is 2 to 3 weeks with virtually no symptoms. Please take precautions and have the family tested along with yourself.

You have been such an inspiration to me and given hope when there seems to be no hope. My faith has been shaken by lots of loss, but you, along with your family, have given an insight into a “way” out.

Tom’s response: We left China on November 8, which was 97 days ago. We left Japan on December 10, which was 65 days ago.

I’ve read the virus could have an incubation period up to a maximum of 24 days – and even this isn’t proven – so there’s no way we caught it in China or Japan, otherwise we would have been very sick – or even dead – by now.

I suspect we caught a common cold at the homeschool group we took the kids to last week.

Others weigh in on Kate’s breakup with her last boyfriend… question gold’s value as long-lasting money… and share a moving story of good times spent in Baltimore long ago…

Reader question: How did Kate’s previous boyfriend do? He must have been a good person, otherwise Kate wouldn’t have been with him, and I recall you said the kids really liked him. It was probably unpleasant for him to find that Kate, against expectations, wasn’t coming back?

Tom’s response: I didn’t know him, but he must have been a good person. Kate broke up with him before we left for our around-the-world trip and hasn’t been in contact with him since. I’m sure he’s devastated though. Just kidding 😉

Reader question: Why is gold so often considered a true standard of value? Its worth is really as arbitrary as that of a fiat currency. (New World cultures were astonished to find that the conquistadors were so excited about gold.)

Tom’s response: I disagree. Gold has a track record of 5,000 years playing the role of money successfully. Also, it’s useful for jewelry and industry. Fiat currency is neither.

Reader comment: Your January postcards brought back a flood of memories for me. When my late husband and I were married we lived in Baltimore for about 14 years. Living there is one of our best memories. No vehicle, but really didn’t need one. We either walked or caught the bus.

One night we attended the movie Sound of Music in town. When we left the theater an “unexpected” snow was already a foot deep and the wind was awful. We walked up Charles Street and sought shelter every so many feet in the entrances to store fronts.

We were able to hear Andre Watts play at the Peabody Institute when he first started. We had folding chair seats within four feet of him as he performed. His audience couldn’t have been more than 25 people. AND it was free. Enjoyed ballets and the symphony at the Lyric at student prices.

Saw Rudolf Nureyev perform in Swan Lake at the Morris Mechanic. Nosebleed seats but it was still great. Ate fried oysters at the much-loved Connolly’s Restaurant on the “old” waterfront before Inner Harbor development caused its demise. Loved Walters Art Museum and spent many hours there, as well as the Enoch Pratt Library.

Want you to know I took some of my meager savings and purchased a 1.6 oz. Valcambi gold bar. If I can recover from my debilitating grief and some other difficulties it has caused and earn some money, I’m going to invest in another.

By the way, I certainly don’t expect you to post this email. I tried to talk myself out of writing it but finally gave in to the intense desire to “share.”

The memories were great. Just wish my husband were here to share them with me. So glad you guys are having this opportunity to enjoy Baltimore again. All my best, and warmest wishes to you and the kids.

Tom’s response: Thanks for this! Please don’t hesitate to write us at [email protected]. Kate and I read every note you send in.