Dear Reader,

This week, I attended the Natural Resource Investing Symposium hosted by legendary investor and dear friend Rick Rule.

I’ve been part of the event for several years… But I was privileged to be one of the keynote speakers in 2023.

The event brings together global leaders in the natural resources space to talk about emerging trends and technologies. The mining companies that attended spanned projects from gold to uranium to lithium, and they originated from all over the world.

This comes at an important time in the energy sphere. First, global energy prices have been climbing higher since the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Second, as I’ve talked about in these pages, record heat temperatures are adding extra strains to the power grid.

Third, America’s new factory boom is driving up the demand for energy, along with the cost of energy. Between disruptions in supply chains, severe weather conditions, and the boom in new manufacturing, securing America’s energy independence is now more important than ever.

The good news is, Washington is unleashing funding to boost domestic energy production. In my video update, I’ll reveal one company you should be on the lookout for. I’ll also talk about another way you can profit from the government pouring billions of dollars into the energy trend.

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Nomi Prins
Editor, Inside Wall Street with Nomi Prins

P.S. Regular readers know that where Washington’s money goes, private investment money follows…

And after many conversations with my political contacts in D.C., I discovered one of the biggest opportunities of 2023.

It’s a tiny, $2 firm that has just been granted a virtual monopoly over an entire $1 trillion energy subsector.

For more details on how to get in, make sure you watch this video presentation I put together.


Hi, everyone. Nomi here and greetings from beautiful and very warm South Florida.

I’m coming to you while attending the World Symposium on Natural Resource Investing 2023. This symposium is an unparalleled gathering where industry leaders from the natural resource space assemble to talk about trends, emerging technology, and insights found nowhere else.

Now, I’ve been privileged to keynote here this year and have been a part of the event for several years. But more on that in just a moment.

You see, the incredible Rick Rule puts on the event. Rick is a brilliant thinker and a legendary investor. He’s also a friend. His ability to gather so many diverse global leaders into one spot is incredible because he knows all of them individually. It makes events like his so important and the quality of information and relationships so rich. 

This year, the number of global exhibitor mining companies coming from Canada to Peru to Brazil to Thailand is up to 46 from 29 last year. They span projects from gold to copper to silver mines to uranium to lithium phosphate.

One of my favorite companies that I want to put on your radar that brings new mining projects to large multinational companies from the mine districts of Brazil and Peru is Lara Exploration. And hopefully I’ll be visiting some of their projects next year… and I’ll keep you up on those.

What I can tell you now is that there’s a true and bigger buzz here this year. Attendance is up 20%. I even got to see some of you readers here, which I’m so grateful for.

And what I want to share with you now is both what I shared with the audience here and something that I didn’t.

First, I shared with the symposium what I’ve been warning you about here for months. High energy prices are likely to stay. This week we hit new record-high temperatures around the world.

July is set to be the world’s hottest month so far. This is key because it drives electricity prices higher as the demands on the electric grid are stretched.

And that’s because residences, businesses, and all of those new factory builds, and any place needing an AC unit, is going to draw more from the grid to run.

Here in South Florida, today’s temperatures are 95 degrees outside. The heat index is rising to 105 and above. Now, for those of you thinking, well, it’s just summer… you might be right.

But here’s what makes this year and this moment so different. First, geopolitical turbulence is rising. The Russian invasion of Ukraine continues to curb the global supply of oil and natural gas.

Second, the electric grid is being stretched to the brink around the world, actually, by a combination of heat and here in the United States, also by new factory bills.

What’s unfolding in the energy sector could very well realign major government powers as the hunt for natural resources to drive energy sourcing grows.

As I’ve shared here, for instance, nuclear power, which generates 20% of our electricity, could offer the United States a new outlet of sustained, reliable, and smart energy. And in that way, it is a matter of national security and energy necessity.

That’s why it’s getting funding from both Congress and the Pentagon. Now, utility companies are working to meet the demands from all of these energy sources: natural gas to nuclear to renewable ones.

But it takes time to upgrade and to build energy production grids and technologies. Still, they are primed to benefit from the $65 billion for grid updates that are coming from the Bipartisan Infrastructure bill.

That’s while they also get funds for expanding things like nuclear and other energy forms and technologies. Meanwhile, investing in diverse utilities is one way for you to profit in this space, even as you see your electric bill rising.

And one option to consider for that is the Utility Select Sector SPDR Fund or XLU.

Happy investing, and I will talk to you soon.