Managing Editor’s Note: We’re dancing on the lip of the volcano. That’s the message from Rogue Economics’ own Chris Weber…

If you don’t know Chris, he is possibly the most successful investor you’ve never heard of. He started investing in 1971. By the time he was 18, he was independently wealthy.

He has authored and co-authored eight books on investing and economics, including the best-selling Getting Rich Outside the Dollar.

Today, Chris writes The Weber Report. There, he’s been sounding the alarm about a looming crisis in the U.S… And arming readers with the tools to come out ahead.

Below, we share his latest warning and guidance – so you too can act before it’s too late…

It is not popular to say this… but the best chance the U.S. has to turn things around won’t happen until matters become truly fouled up… the way they haven’t been for generations.

Americans came close in the late 1970s. Someone of less standing than Paul Volcker – the Federal Reserve chairman at the time – may well have carried things along on the road to outright hyperinflation.

Today, Americans continue to spend and borrow as if good times can last forever. They seem unaware (blissfully ignorant?) of the fact that the national debt is growing by $1 trillion every 100 days.

Make no mistake: we’re on the path to economic bankruptcy, and people continue to dance on the lip of the volcano.

It will take nothing short of a national collapse to change the basic course of the government.

Of course, it is always a mistake Americans are too prone to make, viewing what’s going on in their own nation as what will happen across the entire world.

But it is a big, interesting world out there, with rich cultures.

I know this from personal experience. I’ve lived like royalty in London, England… Vienna, Austria… the French Riviera… and a private island off the Atlantic Coast.

For most folks, that sounds like a dream. But for me, that’s my life.

It can be yours, too, if you invest smartly.

String of Wins

Of course, you don’t need to walk the same path I have. You can take the easier road by learning from my mistakes and successes.

I’ve guided some of the country’s best-known economists, political theorists, a 12-term U.S. congressman, the heads of Swiss banks, and some of the world’s wealthiest and most powerful investors.

And along the way, I’ve built an eight-figure net worth – all from my own trades and investments.

The first and last time I worked a “normal” job, I was 16 years old.

That was the year I made my first trade – with $600 I had saved working a paper route. It was also the year President Nixon ended the gold-based money system.

I found a way to buy old British Sovereigns, which were made of 22-carat gold. And I bought them “on margin.” I could “own” a $12 gold coin for just $3. This allowed me to control four of these rare gold coins for the price of one.

Two years later, gold was at $207. And thanks to the leverage I had used, I made 10,000% on my money… making me independently wealthy.

In the 1990s, I turned my focus to infrastructure stocks after an investment scouting trip to Southeast Asia. And by 1995, at the age of 40, I had made enough money to retire.

But because I love the challenge of beating the market so much, I couldn’t stay retired for long.

And in 2001, I got back into gold again. It had been in a bear market for more than 20 years. I believed it had gone as low as it was going to go. I made the bet, and it bagged me a 600% return.

But the call I’m most proud of went out to my subscribers on November 17, 2007. I told them to get out of the stock market because it was going to fall apart. Sure enough, in 2008 it did.

My point is, if I could do it, so can you.

If you make the right moves, you too could attain the level of financial freedom I have enjoyed for decades.

But if you don’t act – and now – inflation and interest rates will continue eating away at your money until you have nothing.

And that brings me back to the national collapse I mentioned earlier.

Crisis Time’s A-Comin’

For too long, the government has operated on the principle that everyone should get as much as they want at the expense of everyone else.

It’s simply unsustainable.

Unfortunately, it’s only going to change under extreme duress.

Countries that go through bankruptcy usually come out of it in better shape, since they have faced their worst problems head on. Ireland in the late 2000s is a perfect example of this. So is Spain.

It’ll be no different for the good old U.S. of A.

Any way you slice it, crisis time’s a-comin’.

That’s why, if you have the time and money, one of the smartest things you can do is explore those areas of the rest of the world where you may want to branch out into.

Yes! Look beyond the U.S. for safer financial shores.

Ideally, all Americans who can should have their bags packed, both literally and figuratively. You just don’t know what’s ahead.

The U.S. dollar is high, and so are U.S. property prices. Nearly 50% of people say they could not afford to buy their own homes today. So now is as good a time as any to broaden your horizons… explore what’s out there.

And invest in gold.

It seems like $2,300 per ounce is the new floor for this safe haven. Yet strangely, gold watchers are mostly pessimistic. One wonders what must happen for them to change.

Mind you, I’m not complaining… assets rise amid pessimism. The time to be careful is when there is too much optimism.

Hand in hand with the rise in gold is the fall of the dollar. Watch for more of it whichever of the duopolies wins in November. But hedge against it NOW.

Americans looking for people to blame need only look in the mirror. Republican or Democrat, the lack of knowledge and history gets worse every four years.

Protect yourself. Diversify your wealth. Get some assets into an offshore safe haven. And even snag a place in a foreign country where you can retreat to when troubles turn to nightmares ahead.

The next decade will be a very interesting one. Scary, but profitable for those prepared.


Chris Weber
Editor, The Weber Report