Week 34 of the Quarantine

Dying all the time

You lose your dreams

And you will lose your mind

Ain’t life unkind?

Ruby Tuesday, by The Rolling Stones

SAN MARTIN, ARGENTINA – Tomorrow is the big day. Election day. The day set aside for Americans to exercise their solemn right to do as they are told.

The ruling elite tells them to choose between two embarrassments. They stand in line and do their duty.

The Washington Post (voice of the elite) describes them as heroes:

Those who have voted have lost jobs or loved ones to the pandemic or have battled the coronavirus themselves. They have withstood rain and heat and lines that lasted from morning until dark to register their electoral choices, risked exposure to the virus and navigated dizzying rule changes about signature requirements and drop boxes and ballot envelopes.

“Everyone should vote to bring a change at the White House…” adds Democratic vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris.

But does voting really bring change?

Well, yes. And no.

The winner gets to kill people overseas… and boss people around at home. He takes from some and gives to others, picking winners and losers as he likes.

But no matter who wins the election, the basic course of the nation will not change.

Obvious Solution

A frequent complaint from dear readers:

“You are so cynical. All you do is complain and criticize… You never offer any solutions.”

But it is not true. We do not merely complain and criticize. We also mock, ridicule, belittle, insult, satirize, whine, and grouse.

But solutions? That’s asking a bit much from a free e-letter…

Besides, the “solution” is obvious. If Americans wanted to Make America Great Again, they could simply go back to the things that made it great in the first place – honest money, smallish government, and a free-ish economy.

Stop printing fake money. Cut government spending. Balance the budget. Fire Anthony Fauci. Fire Jerome Powell. Fire the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Cut off the funding and the meddling… and The Swamp dries up.

Cut off the fake money… and people will need to earn real money – by providing real goods and services to each other.

Cut out the artificially low interest rates… and people will save again, create new jobs, and invest in real output.

Take away the Federal Reserve’s backstop… and stocks and bonds will fall, erasing much of the “inequality” between rich and poor.

Stop the bailouts… and the zombie companies will go out of business, making way for new, healthy enterprises.

Talk about stimulus! It’s not giving away free money that stimulates an economy. It’s taking it away!

Blinded by the Light

The formula is not complicated. And it is no secret. So why not do it?

Here’s why:

In the news over the weekend was this gem from Business Insider:

More than 1,000 economists have now signed letter urging voters to reject “reckless and selfish” Trump on Election Day

Finally, you might think, economists are coming forward to condemn Trump for spending (and printing) too much money.

Since he took office, the federal deficit has risen 435%. Federal spending has more than doubled. Two million businesses have closed. And real wages are flat… while billionaires are 55% richer.

The august economists – including at least one Nobel Prize winner – might have mentioned, too, that if this sh*thole country system continues – and it will, regardless of who sits in the Oval Office next year – the nation is headed for a real crisis.

Not a word of it. Instead, they think Joe Biden (who’s promising even more spending) will “actually generate faster growth in both employment and real GDP. ”

How come even economists – who should at least know how an economy works… and must be able to see the economic disaster coming – are blind to it?

But the prostitute who believes in chastity is rare. So is the bankrupt who believes in saving.

And if an economist is going to guide a nation to disaster, he must first gouge out his eyes.

Live for Today

Part of nature’s devious plan includes changing attitudes and ideas. That is, people always come to think what they need to think when they need to think it.

So, if America were really on the downswing, destined for social, policial, and economic catastrophe, what would its people have to think now?

They’d have to think they can get free stuff from the government… that the Federal Reserve can “stimulate” the economy with phony money… that they can all live at each other’s expense… that what really matters are transgender rights, diversity, racism, climate change, and the coronavirus…

…and that they can make things better by electing Joe Biden. Or Donald Trump.

One Day More

People who grow up in hard times know there’s no such thing as a free lunch.

But those who grow up in soft times imagine that the all-you-can-eat buffet is open 24/7…

And the people who wanted free love in the 1960s now want free hip replacements. They don’t want to “la la la, live for today…” It’s tomorrow they hope to live for now…

And they don’t mind locking up the whole nation if it gives them a single day more.

Natural Solution

Solution? What is the solution to old age? What is the solution to the end of summer?

The Earth orbits the sun and, tilted on its axis, inevitably the northern hemisphere gets colder and darker in winter. What can be done about it? What could we do to prevent losing our dreams and our youth?

Mother Nature has her cycles… her plans… her patterns. She doesn’t reveal them all to us.

But we have a strong hunch that She is not about to let tomorrow’s vote interfere with them.




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