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Your Only Advantage in the Markets

Whew! We spent most of last week on airplanes. From Paris to Amsterdam… then to Vancouver… then to Beijing… and finally back to Paris. The best flight was Air Canada from Vancouver to Beijing. The plane was almost empty. We got on… put the seat back… and went to sleep.

Has the Chinese Economy Hit the Great Wall?

The lazy days of summer trading continue. The Dow barely moved yesterday. Gold fell $15 an ounce – to be expected after the recent big move up. We left Vancouver, where we were giving a speech at the Agora Financial Investment Symposium, only a few hours after getting there. On the airplane to Beijing we puzzled about time and place...

I Can’t Get No…

Dear Diary Reader, Dad is on his way to Beijing today on business. So there’ll be no regular Diary today. Here’s one of Dad’s “classics” about the difference between price and value… and about an amazing summer of music nearly 50 years ago.

Goodbye, Motor City

Yesterday, US stocks went nowhere. But gold? It shot up $43 per ounce. If you’ve been following these diaries, you know why. Gold is not the only money. But it’s the only kind the works in our extended economy. Today, we approach the same story from a different angle.

The Only Money That Works

Another lazy summer day. The Dow sold off a few pennies on Friday. Gold rose $8. The airport in Paris must be the most efficient in the world. Our cab drove up at exactly 6 a.m. By 6:04, we were having a cup of coffee, waiting to board the plane. In just four minutes, we’d gotten our ticket, been inspected...

Larry Summers’ Bad Bet

We interrupt our regular programming to speak out in favor of Larry Summers; he is the perfect candidate to replace Ben Bernanke. Poor Larry… The critics are on his case. One called him a “high IQ moron.” No one likes to kick a man when he’s down. Unless the man on the ground is Larry […]

The War on the Young

Another slow day on Wall Street. Stocks up a little. Gold down a little. A hot summer day. Ain’t nuthin’ goin’ nowhere. Except away. “Bernanke vows no retreat from easy monetary policy,” says the headline on the Financial Times this morning. “On to Moscow!” he might have added with flair… echoing Napoleon or Adolf. Easy […]