Bill Bonner's Diary

Stay Away From This Gambler’s Market

We expected the summer trading to drag on… and the markets to set off on their new trends in September: stocks down. Bonds down. Gold up. Looks like they’ve decided to steal a march on investors. Yesterday, stocks and bonds fell hard. Gold up $27 an ounce. The New York Times reports:

Why I’m Still a Gold Bull

Yesterday, we closed up the house and began our trip back to the US. This morning we are in Paris. But the City of Lights is as empty and lifeless as Senate hearing. It is a holiday in France: the day of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary… on which the mother of Jesus was “assumed” into the...

A Phone Call From President Obama

When will these markets get back to business? Probably soon. But not yet. Yesterday was another meaningless, directionless, pointless day. Even the financial press seems to be out at the beach. Nothing much of interest has come our way for weeks. And still no call from the White House! We’ve been sitting by the phone. Every once in a...

A Strong Contrarian Signal That This Market Is Toast

It’s still sum… sum… summertime. Still lazy hazy. Still crazy. And still not much action in the financial markets. The Dow sold off a little on Friday. Gold went nowhere. You’ve already heard our guess: Investors are marking time… waiting… procrastinating… maybe even thinking things over. The serious action won’t begin until summer ends. Then […]

Thank You, TSA, NSA, IRS, FBI and CIA!

It’s been “Bureaucrat Appreciation Week.” Just when we had lost all respect for them, we notice a countertrend. It’s time for us to get in step. So, today, we take time out from our regularly scheduled programming to thank the people who rule us… To the TSA agents at airports… to the IRS agents who audit our tax returns…...