BALTIMORE, MARYLAND – It’s the most important trial ever held: Man vs. God. And we’re now in our third day of God’s testimony.

God is holding up well, despite the grave charges against Him. Calm. Relaxed. Large and in charge.

The allegation against Him is that He created a world of planned obsolescence. If this is true, U.S. leaders cannot be held responsible for the decline of America. It was “in the cards,” as God put it in His testimony yesterday.

But is it true? Did the deciders have no choice? Did they have to put America $28 trillion in the hole… and into today’s “inflate or die” trap?

Who’s really at fault?

In today’s testimony, God names names… clarifies the difference between useful idiots and the other variety… and warns that not only is the U.S. in decline, all of Western Civilization may be headed for collapse.

So, please turn off your phone… take a seat… and prepare for… well… a Revelation…

Charge Denied

Yes, it’s Me again… God. And yes, I promise to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help me… well, nevermind.

Yesterday, I was explaining My limits… and how everything comes with a fuse attached. “Planned obsolescence” Bill Bonner called it in his opening remarks.

Everything I created goes away… seasons, empires, people – everything.

But I ask you to imagine a world where no one died… no politician ever lost an election… no business failed… and no chef ever lost his job for poisoning his customers.

That would not be a very nice world. It would be boring. And pointless. If nothing ever changed… and there were no bad consequences for bad actions… there would be no reason to get up in the morning… or to brush your teeth. It’s only because actions have consequences that you bother to act at all.

No… I’m not going to take that charge seriously. Change is the nature of My world… and I’m proud of it.

Useful Idiots

There are always consequences. And limits.

But there are soft limits. And there are hard limits.

We’ve mostly been talking about soft limits. Empires fail, for example, but they don’t fail on their own. You can make a mess of your own life, all by yourself. But bringing down an empire… that requires leadership.

In that respect, America seems especially lucky. She found four of the biggest jackasses in the country to help grease the skids.

Bush, Obama, Trump, and Biden. I created them all. But you voted for them. And they were perfect for the job; the kind of “useful idiots” that history needs.

Bush spent $8 trillion on his dumbass War on Terror.

Obama added another $9 trillion to the U.S. debt pile bailing out Wall Street after the mortgage financing bubble burst.

Then, along came Trump. In a way, he was the worst of the lot. Not only did he add another $8 trillion in debt, he discredited the only thing that might stop the collapse – intelligent, clear-headed conservativism.

Now, in the U.S., if you call yourself a “conservative,” people think you must wear buffalo horns.

And now Biden. Geez… really?

Drive people into opposing camps… get them fighting over removing statues and sex change operations for children… keep real interest rates below zero (even during a boom)… add trillions more to the debt… and talk up war with China – is there a worse formula for a declining empire?

Soft Limits

Yes, they’re morons. But at least these presidents – and their backers – were doing My work… taking a great empire down a peg.

That’s what I mean by “soft limits.” They have fuses, too… but they need humans to light them.

But humans are not completely powerless. Trump came into office with a mandate to “make America great again.” Then, Biden was elected to reverse Trump’s policies. But neither broke with the past; instead, they both held to the same ruinous course.

Imagine what would have happened if they had looked voters in the eye and spoken to them intelligently… explaining the limits they all faced.

And what if they tried to bring people together, instead of stirring up resentments and jealousies?

And what if either one had demanded a balanced budget from Congress… had brought the troops home… and ended the phony interest rates and printing-press money?

It doesn’t always work. But humans can make a difference when they are confronted with these soft limits.

Hard Limits

So let’s look at the other limits. The hard limits.

You can’t get something for nothing; it doesn’t matter what you think or what you say… matter and energy may be interchangeable, but nothing comes from nothing.

And here’s another one: There are only 24 hours in a day. Again, Congress can pass all the laws it wants… it can’t add a single second to the day.

Want another? No election was ever lost by underestimating the stupidity of the American public.

Ha ha. Just joking.

But there are some things over which you humans have no control at all. You think you are so smart because you invented Netflix and Facebook. But your brains have been getting smaller for the last 3,000 years. And that’s not a joke.

And the progress you’re so proud of? It depends more on Me than on you.

Big Setbacks

Your species has been around ever since I made Adam and Eve some 200,000 years ago. Progress was painfully slow.

And there were some big setbacks. Empires fell. And sometimes, whole civilizations collapsed… and disappeared. The Anasazi, the Maya, the Indus Valley Civilization… And in the 13th century B.C., almost all the civilizations of the Ancient Mediterranean collapsed. Many vanished forever.

Yes, people do predictably unwise things. But there are also ice ages, droughts, floods, volcanic eruptions, solar pulses, asteroid impacts. And diseases.

(In passing… I will point out that trying to prevent illness by mandating vaccines may backfire. Humans have survived for so long not by avoiding diseases, but by getting them. That’s why the people of North America were almost wiped out when Europeans arrived; they hadn’t had their diseases.

The next iteration of the COVID virus might be a real killer – like the Plague of the 14th century A.D. With no deep, natural herd immunity, billions of people might be wiped out before a vaccine can be rolled out. Just saying…)

And there is energy. It takes energy to run a civilization. And all energy comes from Me.

We’ll hear more about that tomorrow…




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