I’m working my a— off with the Christmas stuff that, you know, who gives a f— about Christmas stuff and decorations, but I need to do it, right?

– Melania Trump

WEST RIVER, MARYLAND – Continuing our “notes from a foreign country”…

Driving from Miami to Maryland last week, we noticed the billboards. There were two major themes – God and Mammon.

As for God, many were those that urged passers-by to get with the program. Some offered a simple, time-tested formula – “Jesus Saves.” Others were more specific: “Stop the Pain. Follow Christ.”

Multilingual Mammon

But for those who lacked faith in God, there were other saviors on offer.

Hardly had we left the airport when a billboard announced, in Spanish:

“Injured? Get the aggressive lawyer on your side.”

A little further on, another Spanish language billboard suggested that America’s bosses might not be playing fair and square with their wetback employees:

“They didn’t pay you? Fight back. Call Juan.”

After leaving the Miami area, the language changed to English. But the pitch was the same.

“Injured? I got $795,000 for my client.”

“Accident? Call Shimer & Partners. No check for you; you pay us nothing.”

One billboard told victims to call “the sevens” – 777-7777. Across the road, they were advertising the nines – 999-9999.

You could get any kind of law firm you wanted. One was clearly Jewish. Another was WASPish. One was Hispanic. Another featured Black lawyers.

One claimed to have scored $1.2 million for a client. Another featured an injury victim holding a check for $1.9 million.

All the way up the east coast, the signs continued.

Holiday Humbug

What to make of it? In no other country in the world have we ever seen anything like it.

But now, we are back at home… only a mile from where we were born. It is autumn. The leaves have almost all fallen to the ground.

And this is not the season for pitbull lawyers. Yes, it’s December already. The holiday spirit is upon us.

And yet, many Americans – like the first lady – may be in a sour mood. There are still some 20 million people collecting unemployment benefits.

The gap between rich and poor has widened; the stock market has soared while the economy has gone limp.

The office parties have been canceled. We even dropped our own annual Christmas party – nobody would come. The CDC is telling people to stay home.

And people go around with the holy rag on their faces… not so much to ward off evil spirits (the evidence, such as it is, is mixed) as to show their solidarity with the bien pensant mob.

Stick to the Script

And now, to make things worse – here come the hacks!

Here at the Diary, we have no information you don’t have. Nor do we have any insights that you couldn’t find on your own. All we do is try to connect the dots.

Dear readers write to tell us that we’ve missed this dot or that one… And surely, we have.

Like the stars in the night sky, there are billions of them. What we try to do is take them in… as if they were a Seurat painting… not looking at the individual points of light, but at the pattern.

We squint… and what we see, faintly, is a remarkable scene.

Yes, Dear Reader… you’ve probably caught on to our amor fati (love of fate) view of things. Nature has her patterns, her cycles, her birth announcements and eulogies… her buds and her dead leaves… And over the year, even the stars move.

Great empires must stick to the script, too.

In our view, America’s time to take her bow was at the end of the 20th century. The American Empire should have been gracefully dismantled… with America re-entering the community of civilized nations.

Instead, Mother Nature, with her magnificent sense of mischief, gave her the leaders she needed to make a fool of herself.

George W. Bush with his airhead “War Against Terror”…

Barack Obama with his unaffordable medical care plan…

Donald J. Trump with his trade wars… assassinations… tax cuts… and the biggest spending increases – and deficits – in history.

Downward Slide

But wait…

What would you have to do to keep the empire on its downward track?

  1. Keep the foreign wars going – with a total empire spending bill of more than $1 trillion per year…

  2. Keep the gravy train rolling at home, too – bailouts, giveaways, “stimulus”… and add (if you’re able) fuller medical care coverage…

  3. Continue spending more than you collect in taxes…

  4. And keep printing fake money to pay for it all.

The Congressional Budget Office says we’re already headed for $100 trillion in deficits – it’s baked in the cake – over the next 30 years.

What kind of a moronic leader would want to add to that? What kind of a fool would Americans elect to guide them into their final disaster? What does history need to carry on the work of Bush, Obama, and Trump?

Lifelong Deep Stater

You already have the answer: Joseph Biden!

He’s been a Swamp critter… and card-carrying member of the Deep State… for nearly half a century, having signed on to every piece of crackpot legislation to come along.

And soon, he’s bringing a whole team of some of Washington’s worst sleazeballs, hacks, has-beens, never-weres, and should-never-bes back into the White House.

Let’s look at them more closely – tomorrow.




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