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Phil Anderson

Imagine you could see – with clarity – what will happen in the U.S. housing, stock, and commodity markets over the next few years.

You’d know exactly the right time to buy a house, apartment, or investment property. You’d know the ideal time to profit from a stock market sell-off, and you’d have the confidence to invest in assets when most people are running scared.

Well, now you can. Phil Anderson is a legendary economic forecaster, and the world’s foremost authority in business, real estate, and commodity cycles.

Few economists can traverse across stocks, bonds, and real estate like Phil can. With his 34-plus years of experience in forecasting markets, graphs and chart analysis covering everything from hemlines (believe it or not), to skyscrapers, he has kept audiences in a state of economic intrigue over the last decade.

And best of all, he’s kept his readers calm and confident over every single market turn over the last 30 years. He’s truly the north star among the noise of the markets.

He’s also the author of the best-selling book, The Secret Life of Real Estate and Banking, in which he demystifies centuries of market activity, and shows how – when you understand economic cycles – you can predict the markets.

As editor of The Signal at Rogue Economics, Phil Anderson brings his wealth of knowledge to a U.S.-based audience for the first time.

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