Tom's Portfolio

Tom’s Portfolio is a new special-situation research advisory led by Tom Dyson. It’s designed to help you profit from Tom’s Dow-to-Gold ratio strategy.

If you’ve ever wanted to know the thinking behind Tom’s personal decisions with his money… and what he recommends you do today… look no further than Tom’s Portfolio.

Tom was one of the few people who warned the public about a coming crisis months before the Crash of 2020. And he believes there’s only one real way to profit from what will soon become the biggest turning point the U.S. financial system has seen since the Great Depression.

It’s why, in 2018, Tom shocked everybody. A self-made British millionaire living in South Florida, he made a series of controversial moves that left his family and friends speechless.

He quit his job, sold all of his possessions, and put nearly all of his money into his Dow-to-Gold strategy. At the time, everyone thought it was a crazy move. But now, others are catching on to what could be the single biggest moneymaking opportunity of the next one to two decades…

As a member of Tom’s Portfolio, you’ll receive the portfolio itself. Tom modeled it as closely as he could after his own. You’ll know his trusted contacts for buying gold and silver… You’ll learn the best ways to privately vault your gold… And you’ll get the names of Tom’s royalty “moonshots.” The last time gold went on a bull run, these types of companies generated multiple 10- and even 100-baggers.

You’ll also receive Tom’s master list of “corporate aristocrat” stocks. These are the best cash-generating, compounding companies in the market – the kind of stocks you’ll want to own when the Dow-to-Gold ratio dips below 5. They’ll pay you dividends and capital gains that will grow bigger and bigger… and could make you enough money to pay for an early retirement.

Now, aided by the pandemic, this macro situation is unfolding faster than anyone thought possible. With Tom’s Portfolio, Tom will help make sure you’re ready to act when the next phase of the Dow-to-Gold ratio’s cycle comes.

Publication’s Expert

Tom Dyson is the author of Postcards from the Fringe. Every day, he chronicles his insights on the economy, the markets, and life as he backpacks around the world.

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