MAMARONECK, NEW YORK – Greetings from the suburbs of New York City…

It’s time for our Friday mailbag edition, where I answer the latest emails you’ve sent in.

This week, we talk about why my Dad chose to undergo chemotherapy, which I mentioned in our October 27 Postcard

…gold-backed credit cards, and my bet on shipping stocks to protect our purchasing power…

…and finally, we received so many kind notes from readers who don’t think we’re moochers for taking over my Dad’s one-bedroom apartment… or narcissistic for telling our story to the world

Let’s dive in…

Reader comment: I’m sure you know the success rate of chemotherapy is pathetic at best as well as radiation. They both do more damage than they help.

I will never understand why educated people fall for such failing advice. There are thousands of people who beat cancer using natural health methods. You could probably find all the information you need by just going to one of the best places and that is Dr. Mercola’s website.

There are hundreds of other good sites as well that can point you in the right direction using natural health methods that can literally cure many cancers. The first thing is to totally quit eating anything with sugar. Cancer can’t live without glucose. You guys are great at researching information so look for natural cancer treatments or cures and you may be surprised at what you find out.

I read your message to my Dad just now, who has cancer and is currently going through radiation and chemo.

He thought about it and said, “It’s just so hard to think about unconventional treatments when you’re in a life or death situation…”

We’re both very sympathetic to natural cancer treatments, though. So we’re going to educate ourselves about it. There’s nothing to lose by reading a few books on natural alternative treatments, right?

Oh, and thanks for the recommendation of Dr. Mercola’s website. We’ll look into that too…

Reader comment: It is so great to see pictures of your dad and family connecting. Priceless in today’s arena. Thanks for explaining more about the markets and why silver and gold is precious.

Thank you!

As for gold and silver, the feds must water down the purchasing power of the dollar and other paper currencies to keep the system functioning.

It’s a matter of national security that they do. It’s that simple. And it’s already happening.

As we learned on Wednesday, the purchasing power of the dollar declined 6.2% over the last 12 months. And look at this Tweet from President Biden, on that same day…

Today’s report shows an increase over last month on inflation. Reversing this trend is a top priority.

My Infrastructure bill will bring down costs by reducing bottlenecks and I urge Congress to pass my Build Back Better Act – which will ease inflationary pressures.

First they said inflation was transitory. Then they said it’s supply chain issues. Now they admit inflation is a problem… But they say they can fix it with more trillion-dollar spending bills.

The game they’re playing is, water down the dollar, while telling everyone you’re not.

And it’s not just the Fed.

As regular readers know, a global synchronized currency devaluation is coming, as central banks around the world follow the Fed’s lead. The European Central Bank (ECB), for example, started printing 1.85 trillion euro ($2 trillion) last March as part of its response to the pandemic.

The situation couldn’t be more supportive of gold and silver prices. And traders seem to be waking up to this now.

I looked at a bunch of gold charts in foreign currencies this week, and they’re all starting to look like this…


The chart above shows gold measured in euros over five years.

You can see that after a huge runup, gold peaked last August. But over the past eight months, it’s started to gain ground again.

Is the correction finally over?

Reader question: Love the Postcards. I recently got behind and just read the October 4 postcard. It referenced a company (for subscribers only) of a container-box lessor company to invest in. However, when I log on to my subscription in Tom’s Portfolio, there is nothing at all that references the container-box company that was referred to in the Postcard. Not sure which company he was referring to and any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Please log in and look for the “Tanker Trade” Buy Alert dated July 14. (Paid-up subscribers can follow this link.)

The full write-up on my favorite container shipping companies is there, including the one I mentioned in the October 4 Postcard.

Reader question: I love reading your daily blog just before I turn out the light. Your firm belief in “gold” and your reasons for “stepping aside” are spot-on! Love that you love your family and how you all are so open and sharing. I have written before (you were then in Japan) − and I read the mailbag with a smile!

Here’s my question: you mentioned Glint. I have the app but have not funded it yet. I love the concept of a debit card and real gold! I’m now retired and this seems like a good haven (I have ample physical gold) to manage my monthly expenses.

But how do I know Glint is really safe? It’s hard for a senior to check these things out. I’d like to hear your opinion and ask you to dig around a bit, and maybe the input of other readers−any other firsthand experiences with Glint out there?

Glint is a way of saving and spending while keeping a balance in gold. I found another similar service last week, called Kinesis. (This is their website.)

I haven’t used either, but I’ve received quite a few questions about using gold-backed debit cards over the last few months.

Does anyone have any experience with these services? If you do, tell me about it at [email protected]. Maybe I’ll open an account and test it out?

Reader comment: Do your best not to let the “trolls” bother you with their sour negativity. You have such a large, loyal following, myself included. I hope we are the ones who count. I love hearing all about the family and your adventures, thoughts, plans, etc. Obviously, lots of other people do as well. Not everyone has to like everything, Still, there’s no reason to be unkind.

It’s so nice to share your family. In my opinion, you are doing something extraordinary and wonderful for your kids. Yes, they’ll miss out on some of the more standard things in life, but they are getting so much more. And how wonderful that you and Kate get to enjoy your kids in a way that unfortunately few parents experience, especially these days.

There’s no way I could have done what you are doing, but that doesn’t mean I don’t recognize and appreciate the priceless experiences your kids are receiving. Keep doing what feels right for you, Kate, and the kids. That’s all that counts in the end. And, please, keep the Postcards coming.

Thank you for your kind and encouraging message. You are part of our family.

Reader comment: I have three kids, six years apart, but all grown now, and I enjoy seeing/reading your blogs. I cannot imagine doing what you are, but love seeing your family doing it. I just hope your kids aren’t too young to remember all the good parts. Happy trails!

They remember… and even if they don’t, it’s okay. We tell ourselves that the experiences still shape them profoundly, even if they don’t remember them.

Reader comment: I love your Postcards and look forward to each one. If I don’t have time to read it at the moment it arrives, I red-flag it for later. Sharing your experiences with us is very precious to me. I identify with a great many of your tales. You are quite the author, informative and entertaining. I cannot imagine what sort of personality thinks it is narcissistic or unfair to Grandpa. Doesn’t everyone like a good story?

I can tell Grandpa is having the time of his life. The education your kids are getting is totally unattainable in the classic school; I don’t care how much the tuition is. Also, the responsibilities of being a good citizen and human being cannot be learned in the classroom. These are automatically rubbing off on your kids without them even knowing it.

Yes! Grandpa is having the time of his life. We are too. It’s an amazing experience living like this in such close quarters.

Reader comment: Keep up the Postcards and pictures of your family activities. They are entertaining. I think about you and your family every day. Your activities are educational and it has helped you to reform your marriage and educate your kids in a fun and interesting way. You get your investing from your father I see. One day he will be gone and all that fun time with him will be lost forever as well. You inspire a lot of people to read your Postcards.

Another very kind email. Thank you.

Reader comment: When you write about yourself and your family… you give the most precious gift you can to your readers. There is nothing which bonds you to them better than the sharing of yourself. In a world where no one trusts, your readers have overwhelmingly trusted you because you are being real, and authentic and genuine. Your readers should take a lesson from what you are doing. There is virtually no one else in the world today that is doing what you are doing. And… they trust you.

I’ll never stop repeating this: If it wasn’t for the incredible love and support we’ve received from you, I’d have stopped writing these Postcards years ago. Thank you for this encouraging email.

And, as always, please keep your questions and comments coming at [email protected]. I’ll address as many as I can in future Friday mailbag editions.

– Tom Dyson