MAMARONECK, NEW YORK – We’re visiting Grandpa in New York. We hadn’t seen him since before the pandemic.

“I was worried you came because of my cancer, and you thought you had a duty to help me,” said Grandpa.

“No,” I said. “We love seeing you. And we want something from you…”

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Wandering Homeschool Family

Greetings from Mamaroneck, New York…

My family and I are a wandering homeschool family.

No job, no home, no school, and no possessions (except what we can carry with us)… We just float from place to place, having adventures and learning about the world. 

We’re currently camping out at my Dad’s one-bed apartment. We’ll be here for another five weeks… then we’ll hit the road again.

Beautiful Prison

As a kid, I went to a 410-year-old boarding school in England. (Grandpa went there, too.)

I must’ve hated it, because the idea Kate and I have for our three kids’ education is the complete opposite.

At the boarding school, Charterhouse, they let us write a letter to our parents once a week. They let us see them once every three weeks – and then, only for a few hours.

The rest of the time, we lived in a beautiful prison.

In our homeschool, there are no semesters, classes, exams, or alarm clocks. Just endless vacation and family time.

Is this bad?

I don’t know. Maybe we’re raising soft kids who aren’t being tested?

Homeschooling With Grandpa

Grandpa has the widest set of interests of anyone I know.

He’s an artist, a pianist, a church organist, an accountant, a banker, an engineer, a scientist, a linguist, an astronomer, a photographer, and a model railway enthusiast.

Here we are having piano lessons. (He’s retired now, but Grandpa was a piano teacher for many years.)


Dusty practices the piano with Grandpa

Today, more homeschool activity at Grandpa’s apartment… art lessons.

Grandpa taught us how to draw the human head. Here we are…


Miles (11), Dusty (13), and Penny (9) learn to draw the human head

“So what do you want from me?” asked Grandpa.

“We want to learn from you.”

– Tom Dyson

P.S. Here are the results from our art class…


Art class with Grandpa

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Readers have more to say on Tom’s brother’s job situation with the mandatory COVID-19 vaccine in Canada

Reader comment: I agree with your brother’s position on the COVID jab. In my small town in British Columbia, I know of more people who have died from the vaccine after receiving the shot than have died from COVID. It makes you wonder why so many healthcare workers including doctors, nurses, care aides and paramedics in North America are refusing to be vaxxed and getting fired or “released” from their jobs. They’re brighter than most of us. What do they know that we aren’t being told?

Eighteen months ago they were worshiped as our front-line heroes who had to deal with (and were fully exposed to) this mysterious deadly virus that we all feared and now they are dispensable and are unceremoniously kicked to the curb!

It’s no wonder the hospitals are now overloaded and understaffed. Stay safe, get the bug, and carry on with life as we used to know it. It’s 99.9 % survivable for all of us under 75!

Meanwhile, a reader is grateful for Tom’s guidance…

Reader comment: I’ve never written to you before, but I wanted to say thank you for helping me become the financially independent person I am today.

I actually have 19 whole-life policies through Paradigm Life. I was a Palm Beach Research Group reader years ago and just loved your work along with Mark Ford’s.

Today, I live a very free life with tons of passive income, and I run a publishing company that covers micro-cap stocks. Rick Rule, Katusa, and Doug Casey are all great people who’ve come into my life to steer me in the right direction when it comes to the business of small-cap stocks.

I live in California with my wife and three children. We have a house right on the beach. I know you guys like skiing as well and we have a large cabin house 30 minutes away from the slopes in Arizona.

Finally, others stand up for the Dysons, after a fellow reader called them “moochers”… and praise Dusty on his first Postcard

Reader comment: Welcome back to America. I am happy for you all to be able to reconnect with your father. My greatest happiness in life has been being Grandpa to my beautiful grandchildren.

Just so you know, a moocher who is someone who consistently takes from those around them and gives nothing back in return. It is impossible to mooch off a loving family member because the love you are giving your father right now is beyond priceless. He will have the loving memories of your visit long after you have left and the peace of knowing his grandchildren are truly great people to be around.

When people cast aspersions and call names, it really defines their shortcomings much more than yours.

Dusty: You are coming of age to read one of the best books of all time. Zero Victim by James Ward Jr. This will help you understand the differences between the many beautiful helpful people you have met around the world and those who will slap labels on you…

Happy travels. Remember you all have friends in the log house in Wisconsin that you are welcome to “mooch” off of anytime. We still owe you as your travelogues and writings have given us more joy than any rent ever could.

Reader comment: Well done, Dusty; you may have a future in the newsletter business. Tell your dad you would like to do this monthly; I’m sure his readers would love it.

Tom’s note: Thanks for all the kind messages! Please keep your comments coming at [email protected], along with any questions you may have for us.