WELLINGTON, FLORIDA – We’re back in the USA!

I’m writing to you from Kate’s parents’ house, in Wellington. We’re sleeping here for one night. Kate’s car is here, too. We’re going to drive a thousand miles north tomorrow – to Baltimore – to meet with Bill Bonner, Dan Denning, and the rest of the Bonner & Partners team. 

I haven’t set foot in this house for five years, when we were still married. It’s triggering long-forgotten memories of a life that seems so long ago.

Next Chapter

We’ve finished our around-the-world trip and now we’re beginning the next chapter of our lives as a family. We have no idea what this looks like. Where will we live? How will we earn money? What sort of lifestyle should we adopt?

All we know is we never want to be apart again. And we won’t make the same mistakes that led to us breaking up in the first place. 

Oh… and I also know that I’ll be writing for a living. 

Catching Up

We spent the last month catching up with family. First, we visited my brother and his family in Medicine Hat, Alberta. Here we are on the slopes at the Elkwater ski resort.

PhotoTeaching Miles and Dusty how to snowboard

Teaching my children how to snowboard was a “bucket list” item. The weather was beautiful, the snow was great, and the boys picked it up really quickly. They were fearless and determined. By the end of the day they were making S-turns down the piste.

Unfortunately, Penny couldn’t join us. She’s still too little. I’ll teach her next winter when we go live in the Canadian Rockies 😉

After visiting my brother in Alberta, we flew to London and caught up with my mum. We spent Christmas and New Year’s with her.

Mum has Parkinson’s Disease and she was doing really well in spite of it. We loved visiting her, as always, and we’re still smarting from having to say goodbye. When will we see her again? We don’t know… 

Here we are outside her house in Chiswick, West London.

PhotoMy family in London welcomed Kate back with open arms

My grandmother turned 100 on January 14th. My entire family came together for a big party. My grandmother is as sharp as a needle and as charming as ever. She still lives on her own.

The party was great. I got to see all my uncles, aunts, cousins, brothers, nieces, and nephews. The kids played with their cousins. And Kate was welcomed back into my family with open arms and big hugs after five years of divorce.

Here’s a picture of my grandmother and me.

PhotoMy grandmother celebrated her 100th birthday last Tuesday

We’ll make a quick stop in Delray Beach tomorrow. We need to pick up the things we left in storage there two years ago. And I’m going to have breakfast with Mark Ford, who founded the Palm Beach Research Group with me years ago. I’m asking him for advice on how to write a book about our trip.

Then we’ll make a second stop somewhere on I-95 North. I’ll have to send you tomorrow’s postcard from there…

It’s been a long day. I’m exhausted.

– Tom Dyson

P.S. I send these postcards to my family and friends. They all say they love reading about our adventures but as soon as I mention gold, they stop reading.

P.P.S. Here we are at Miami airport, waiting for the Tri-Rail train to Delray Beach, our old hometown. We prefer public transport and we’ll ride it whenever we can, even in America. The tickets cost $5 for a 90-minute ride.


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