KINROSS, MICHIGAN – Today we reached the coast of Lake Michigan. We swam in it. Then, we climbed the Sleeping Bear Dunes. The dunes were formed by glaciers many years ago and are now part of the National Park Service.

Then, we drove along the coast road for 50 miles… passing through little tourist towns like Traverse City, Petoskey, and Charlevoix.

Here we are at the dunes…


The incredible expanse of Sleeping Bear Dunes

Finally, we reached the suspension bridge that connects Lower Michigan with the Upper Peninsula and we crossed it.

I’m writing to you now from our latest campsite. We’re near a town called Kinross, about 20 miles south of the Canadian border. We’re camping at the county fairgrounds tonight for $15 a night. There’s a dirt race track a few feet away where they race stock cars every Friday night.

Everything’s closed due to COVID-19. The Canadian border… the state parks… the racetrack. It’s very quiet up here.

Even the four-lane highway (I-75) is empty. There were long stretches where we didn’t see any other cars.

Here’s our campsite for tonight…


Our Michigan campsite, about 20 miles south of the Canadian border

– Tom Dyson

P.S. The largest mosquitos we’ve seen anywhere in the world live here. Kate says they’re “small birds.”

P.P.S. We skipped Mackinac Island even though many people recommended we visit. They wanted $100 to take us there on the boat (it’s a passenger ferry) and then we felt it’d be a big tourist trap once we got there. And besides, it didn’t seem like it’d be very interesting for kids…

Here’s Penny and Alex (Penny’s doll) in Petoskey…


Penny and Alex sit by the water

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Kind words for Tom today… why the Dyson family travels quickly… and a challenge from another road-trip reader…

Reader comment: Thank you for making your postcard page interesting and an amazing fun read. Real people with real life stories, and to share the real knowledge and wisdom. You are a rare gem and I know I am, like everyone else, feeling so blessed to have crossed your path. Please keep sharing your life journey with us. I am keeping you and your family in my nightly prayers. I know and trust God, and the universe is looking over you and your dear family, keeping all of you well, safe, and healthy.

Reader comment: I look forward reading your postcards every day. This is the first thing I look in my mailbox. It amazes but worries me much how your family can travel the way you do in this troubled time. I want to say, “please be careful.” I think you are, but the world is so different now. I can only pray for your safe journeys. God bless you and your beautiful family.

Reader question: I enjoy reading about your travels, and now camping around the U.S., I’m wondering why you go so fast. I mean, you seem to wind up in a different place every day or two. Why not spend more time in a place? There’s a lot more to enjoy than just the passing scenery driving through. PS: If you make it to southeast Texas, I have room for your camper and a big house. You’re welcome to stop by.

Tom’s response: I’m not sure why we travel so fast. We don’t intend to… but the USA is so big, you have to keep moving if you want to get anywhere…

Reader comment: Agree with reader comment today. If ever you come to Australia, you would be perfectly welcome to stay with me in the Blue Mountains. You would be guaranteed fabulous food. During this enforced isolation, I turned my hen run into a very productive vegetable patch.

Reader comment: Greetings from my nomad family to yours, Tom! After 3.5 years on the road in an Airstream, my answer to the question, “Where are you from?” is: “All over, but Montana feels like home.” The concept of “home” is a wonderful fantasy that most don’t truly enjoy for many of the reasons that you mentioned. Having a place that immediately grounds, balances, and restores us from the mayhem of the world is wonderful. Yet, I believe the magic that creates that feeling of “home” is a formula: Home = location + era in time + good people who create good times together. You’re showing your kids that wonderful secret. Kudos.

While you are in Ohio, head to Jackson and check out the Airstream plant. It’s exciting to see an American-made legend make their culture-classic products. I will bet you 1 silver round that you’ll want to trade your pop-up tent for an Airstream by the time you finish the tour.

Tom’s note: As always, thank you for writing in! Please keep your messages coming. You can write us at [email protected].