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Nomi spent 15 years working in the upper levels of global investment banking…

But when she noticed a growing gap between what Wall Street wanted for itself and what was good for its clients, she walked away…

Today, she is committed to exposing the moral rot at the heart of the financial system… and helping ordinary Americans level the playing field in this distorted market.

And she has spent the last two years testing a new, proprietary system to help you do just that… With it, you could make up to 10x your money… in less than a month… whether markets go up or down.

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And then read on for this evening’s special send. In it, Nomi tells us all about the banking-political relationships that rigged the system… and led to the huge distortion we’re seeing today between the financial markets and the real economy…

Markets don’t care about you.

That’s one of the hard truths I’ve learned over my career as an international investment banker and investigative financial journalist.

They don’t care who you vote for, what you wear, where you live, or the size of your mortgage or rent payment.

And they’re not concerned about whether you work from home, work in a factory, or run your own business.

They only care about two things… money coming in and money going out. That’s it.

I saw this firsthand during my 15 years on Wall Street. But I left that world behind – including a seven-figure salary…

And I set out to expose the secrets of the systems that create and move money around.

Below, I’ll show you why. And I’ll tell you about one of the key places money is flowing into today.

First, some background…

Scandals and Corporate Favoritism

I got my start as an analyst at the Chase Manhattan Bank.

I rose quickly through the ranks at Chase. And I went on to hold senior positions with Lehman Brothers, Bear Stearns London, and Goldman Sachs.

But one day, I walked away from it all.

Since then, I’ve dedicated my life to helping people understand what’s happening in the world of money. And what it means for their wealth.

After I left Wall Street, I dug into the elite connections that shaped corporate favoritism… and the scandals that resulted.

And I warned of the calamity that would befall the financial system due to the house of cards Wall Street had created.

In fact, I forecast the 2008 financial crisis four years before it happened… And I wrote about exactly how and why it would unfold.

I published my first book about this in 2004, just two years after leaving Wall Street. It was called Other People’s Money: The Corporate Mugging of America.

In it, I warned that the “next bull market’s bust will be even more devastating than the last one.”

And I wrote this about the activities of big banks and insurance companies, such as AIG:

A brewing area of conflict of interest at the supermarket banks is their use of credit derivatives… The picture will only worsen when [insurers] start admitting their losses… which they are not obligated to disclose during their fall, but only when they hit bottom.

Four years later, these activities led to the $13 trillion mega-bank bailouts during the 2008 financial crisis – which were just the beginning.

I was one of the few insiders who dared to expose this exclusive global banking framework. And I wasn’t afraid to talk about it…

I did interviews on TV and radio… I spoke to audiences of students and politicians… I wrote numerous newspaper articles and books on the subject.

But nobody listened… until the crisis hit.

Then, my phone didn’t stop ringing. Interview and speaking requests came fast and furious.

Conjured Money and a Rigged System

Since then, I’ve made it my mission to shed light on the moral rot at the core of Wall Street and the shadiness of corporate America.

I’ve exposed…

  • How the too-big-to-fail banks that got bailed out during the financial crisis had the tightest top-level government connections – and the most help from the Federal Reserve.

  • The blood, money, and power relationships between Wall Street banking dynasties and American presidents throughout the 20th century. These connections still impact our lives today…

  • I even filed Freedom of Information Act requests. I did this to uncover information at the Clinton Presidential Library and other libraries. I wanted to get to the bottom of how those banking-political relationships impacted ordinary people.

See, for years, major central banks have reinforced a rigged system that has brought more inequality to the world.

By the time the Covid-19 pandemic hit, global central banks had conjured a $30 trillion-plus monetary cushion.

They did this to support major financial players and the markets… and at the expense of the real economy.

As a result, the top 1% of American earners now hold more wealth than all of the middle class combined.

And we’re at the point of no return from permanently subsidized markets.

That’s why disruptions to the prevailing system are set to intensify. But there will also be opportunities to profit…

$4 Trillion Market Shock

As my regular readers know, all the money fabrication has fueled what I call The Great Distortion.

That’s the permanent disconnect between the markets and the real economy I’ve been warning about.

And today, we’re on the verge of the next chapter of this Great Distortion.

See, there is an event that is guaranteed to happen in August. It happens every year. And this year is no exception.

And when it happens, I believe it could trigger a $4 trillion market shock.

Those who don’t prepare could be left behind. But if you make the right moves, you could come out of this wealthier than ever.

That’s why I’m hosting a special strategy session on Wednesday, June 15 at 8 p.m. ET.

On that date, I’ll tell you all about the event happening in August. And to help you take advantage of it, I will reveal a new strategy I’ve been testing for the past two years.

It can help you make money whether the markets go up or down. So, if you are at all worried about the direction of the markets in these distorted times, I encourage you to join me.

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