WEST RIVER, MARYLAND – Joe Biden came out of the gate fast… with 17 executive orders on his first day on the job. (The president is supposed to enforce the laws, not make them up himself…)

But we wonder… Does he have any idea what he is doing? Or is he just doing what comes naturally…?

The Washington Post, The New York Times, and the entire Liberal Establishment are elated. Biden is getting rid of Donald Trump’s executive orders… firing his incompetents… and bringing back real expertise to the federal government.

Professors… policy wonks… certified lobbyists… denizens of think tanks; this credentialized elite will do a better job, they say.

But of what?

Saving the degenerate empire? Or destroying it faster?

By our reckoning, the U.S. Empire hit its peak at the end of the last century. Since then, it’s been slips and slides… thrills and spills… jackassery and tomfoolery – for the last 20 years.

The people running the show looked like the most hapless and moronic people on the planet – just what you’d need to bring an Empire to its knees. They seemed driven, as if by instinct, to do the worst possible thing at the worst possible time.

Messing Things Up

Remember 2001? The American Empire was at the top of its game… with everything running more or less smoothly… and a federal government budget surplus, even!

There was a bubble in the Nasdaq, but people were basically prosperous at home and faced no major enemy abroad.

How could you mess that up?

Easy… You start a preposterous $7 trillion war against “terror” overseas… and lay the groundwork for a war on terror at home.

How about seven years later, when your artificially low interest rates have caused a debt crisis in the housing market? What could you do to make the situation worse?

Easy, peasy. You add more debt… bail out the richest people in the country… and push total U.S. debt from about $50 trillion to over $80 trillion today.

This led to resentment… Many people felt they were getting the short end of the stick. They were dissed as “deplorables” and treated like ignorant yahoos.

By 2016, American voters were ready for a change. They sensed that something had gone wrong… and they didn’t trust the Establishment politicians to do anything about it.

Along came the reality TV star, offering to Make America Great Again… further stirring up resentment and disappointment, while completely failing to understand what was wrong or how to fix it.

Instead of draining the Swamp, he deepened it – with another $7 trillion in federal debt.

Brains and Courage

And now… here we are. 

The country is headed for worse trouble. Its troops are still blundering and bungling around overseas. At home, the mood is sour, as the feds spend more and more money they don’t have… and the deficit for 2021 heads for $3 trillion.

What do you do if you are Joe Biden… the quintessential Deep State hack?

It would take real brains, courage, and honesty to turn things around. Mr. Biden would have to defy his elite handlers. He’d have to stop the printing presses. He’d have to reduce the deficits and end the stimmy checks.

He’d have to end the foreign wars, too… bring the troops home… and tell the Pentagon and its cronies that they’d just have to get along with less money, not more.

In short, he’d have to end the Empire… and find a way for America to rejoin the community of civilized nations, as gracefully as possible.

Show Must Go On

No… Dear Reader, that’s not going to happen.

Biden wouldn’t last a week in the White House if he did that. The Establishment would turn on him, invoking the 25th Amendment and removing him from office.

This show has to go on… until it comes to its own disastrous conclusion. And Mr. Biden – at least, based on his survival instinct – knows it.

He knows he has to stay on message… distracting the public, by pretending that the biggest challenges facing the nation are a lack of diversity, inequality, anthropogenic climate change, racism, and COVID-19…

…while he pursues his real top priorities:

“Printing” trillions more in fake money…

And squashing dissent.

On these twin goals, he has the whole Deep State/Elite/Establishment with him… locking arms and marching forward… right over the cliff.

Here’s TIME magazine:

Americans Need Recurring Stimulus Checks Until the Pandemic Is Over

Giving people money is a proven, fast, equitable strategy to spur economic recovery. The truth is, we need recurring stimulus checks in addition to established progressive policies – like unemployment insurance and the Child Tax Credit and Earned Income Tax Credit – that uplift all Americans, especially communities of color, until this pandemic is over.

And Mr. Biden is leading the charge against domestic terrorism himself. This report from The Hill on Friday:

The White House announced Friday a sweeping interagency effort to root out domestic extremism following the storming of the U.S. Capitol earlier this month.

As usual, more to come…




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