Bill Bonner's Diary

The Absurdity of a “Living Wage”

Editor’s Note: Today, we share a Labor Day edition of Bill Bonner’s Diary. Below, our editor reveals the problem with the idea of a “living wage,” and proposes a few suggestions to “solve” income inequality. POITOU, FRANCE – Today is Labor Day. Most of the world pays homage to its sweating, busing, trucking classes, its […]

How Trump Breaks up Big Tech

Editor’s Note: Earlier this week, President Trump accused Silicon Valley giant Google of censoring conservative-leaning articles in its search results. Google denied the charge. But Dan Denning, Bill’s coauthor on The Bill Bonner Letter, thinks the president might be on to something… Today, he previews the looming showdown between the federal government and America’s biggest […]

Concert in a Dying Town…

POITOU, FRANCE – So passeth the last days of summer… The sun sinks lower every day. We put things away. We close the shutters. And the cool night drafts seep in through the cracks. Stones Whisper Yesterday, we went to a concert in Montmorillon. The town sits on the river Gartempe, as it has for […]

More Debt Won’t Make America Great Again

Most of the news/opinions on economics is fraudulent, shallow, or dumb. The “facts” are often made-up nonsense… and the analysis is no deeper than a tweet. In the GDP numbers, for example, what truth do we find? The feds “print” dollars… lend them out at less than the rate of consumer price inflation… and then measure how fast they change...

How Trump Turns on The Fed

In reality TV – and performance art of the wraslin’ genre – you add dramatic tension by creating simplified, cartoon personalities and then allowing them to get into snits with one another. The audience tunes in to find out how the spats will be resolved. In professional wrestling, it is pretty straightforward. One of the wraslers insults or challenges another one....

Why Trump Wasn’t Invited to McCain’s Funeral

As readers keep reminding us, Hillary might have been worse. In her icy grip, the nation would have shivered under orderly, Deep State control. With The Donald in the White House, on the other hand, the plot may be more or less the same; but the show is much more loose, with more funny routines like “Who’s on first?”… more...

“Stool Pigeons” Turn on Trump

Trouble ahead, Lady in red Take my advice you’d be better off dead Switchman’s sleeping, train hundred and two is On the wrong track and headed for you – “Casey Jones,” Grateful Dead POITOU, FRANCE – And so… the trains gather speed. The Ol’ Deep State Cannonball is chugging up from Washington… and the Manhattan […]