Bill Bonner's Diary

Bill Bonner’s Diary is the only daily newsletter that features the unique ideas of bestselling financial author Bill Bonner.
From Wall Street to Washington, Bill leaves no idol un-busted and no stone unturned.

Fantasy Investing and Other Modern Money Madness

The debt ceiling, fantasy investing, an art dodger, and Elon Musk, oh my! Debt – selling U.S. bonds to the Federal Reserve (aka “printing money”) – is mother’s milk to both Republicans and Democrats… and the whole ruling elite. But how does this affect its beneficiary, Wall Street?

It’s A Rigged Game

This week, we’ve been looking at University endowments… When universities’ own endowments earn preposterous returns, no one asks any questions. But how could the entire capital market grow so much faster than the economy that supports it?

Everybody Is Looking for the Next Big Score

It’s back to business today. Everyone wants to get rich quick, and old-fashioned, long-term value investing has fallen to the wayside. And with these racy trading options, it’s not a win-win… it’s win-lose. For every winner, there’s a loser. Overall, the sum is, theoretically, zero.

The Pentagon’s Failed Record

Bill explores the economics of war: You might think it’s better to spend too much on defense than too little. But that’s not the way it works. You get what you pay for. Pay top dollar for a military; you get an army that’s good at getting paid...