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Don’t Fall Victim to Investment Hype

Bill doesn't invest in stocks, but many of his readers here at the Diary do. And if you are looking into stocks without knowing the realities of the playing field, you could lose big. So check out this article from tech investment expert Jeff Brown on how not to be swayed by empty promises and sensationalist claptrap...

The U.S. Is Shifting to a New Economy

In the aftermath of COVID-19, regular staples of the American economy, some of which to include office spaces and parking lots, restaurant tables... airplane seats... and big-city housing, are becoming obsolete. What's next for the "new normal" and bustling new industries?

Digital Money Is Coming to America

The Federal Reserve is devaluing the U.S. dollar through its money-printing schemes... to help the government manage its gargantuan debt. Unfortunately, a falling dollar only spells trouble. So what does the Fed have planned when crisis hits? A digital dollar...