Bill Bonner's Diary

The Grandest Larceny of All Time

Gold seems to be coming back fast. It rose $38 per ounce yesterday. Of course, the Fed's monetary meddling doesn't work. And it will most likely cause a financial disaster. But the biggest scandal of today's central bank policy is that it is essentially the grandest larceny of all time.

Time to Cash in Your Chips?

We don't like the looks of it... Advisors are too bullish. Investors are too complacent. The financial authorities are too confident. All up and down Wall Street... in central banks and in Washington... the stuff that goeth before the fall is thick, sticky and stinky.

The Virgin of the Valley

Nothing special happened yesterday. The Dow rose to recover some of its recent losses. Gold fell to give back some of its recent gains. Stock market advisors are unusually bullish. Investors are unusually bullish. Barron's is unusually bullish. All of which makes us think this is a good time to be unusually bearish. Sell stocks. Buy gold. Be happy.That's...

Why I’m Praying for Government Incompetence

"You Americans don't understand anything. You have to come to Argentina and live here for a few years. Then you'll understand America."; We had to ask, "Huh?"; "When you're here, you can see more clearly how things really work... and don't work. You see the real nature of things... especially government. Believe me, you Americans have all sorts of...