Bill Bonner's Diary

Are We Approaching a “Second Coming” For Gold?

Dow down -42 points. Gold down $12 an ounce. Nothing special. But gold must be getting close to a bottom. No one has anything nice to say about it. The pundits and prognosticators are more pessimistic than in any time in recorded history. Gold miners are getting wiped out. Gold speculators are so gloomy their wives are hiding the carving knives and...

How to Invest Like the Swiss

Zurich is a delightful city. So much history! So much beauty! So much money! You can barely throw a Kruggerand in any direction without hitting a rich banker or his model wife. They stroll along the Limmatquai. They dine at the Kronenhalle. They shop on Bahnhofstrasse. And what do they think of today's markets?

How Low Can Gold Go?

Yesterday, we took the train from Paris to Zurich, passing through the valley of the Rhone... past castles... medieval churches... lazy, picturesque rivers... quaint villages... to Lyon... Basel... and then skirting the Alps and lakes to Zurich. The scenery was remarkably beautiful. But the most remarkable thing we saw wasn't outside the train car; it was in it.

Why the Sell-Off in Gold is Good News

No market goes up without a correction. Speculators typically get ahead of themselves. They need to be slapped around a bit... tested... and tempered. Like a steel blade, they need to be hammered before they are ready for the final battle. In the last major bull market in gold – which lasted for most of the 1970s – the...

The Bear Market in Bonds

We're still in the wee hours of a bear market in bonds that will probably last until the middle of the century. In fact, we're so early that when the sun finally rises we may find we are not yet in a bear market after all. The action over the last two months – and especially the last two...

Edward Snowden – A Real American Hero

Poor Edward Snowden. There aren't many real heroes. Most of the people who pass for heroes are just puffed-up jackasses... and stuffed-shirt impostors. Roosevelt. Lincoln. Bernanke. Snowden denies it. But he is the real thing. He gave up his cozy, comfortable life so that others may see the evil that lurks in the shadows... and do something about it.