Bill Bonner's Diary

Bill Bonner’s Diary is the only daily newsletter that features the unique ideas of bestselling financial author Bill Bonner.
From Wall Street to Washington, Bill leaves no idol un-busted and no stone unturned.

Four Steps to Generate and Preserve Wealth

It’s more important now than ever to know how to make money and keep it safe. But with all the noise in the mainstream financial press, it can be hard to know how to get there. Today, Bill’s friend and colleague Doug Casey, founder of Casey Research, unveils the playbook he uses to do just that…

Is It COVID-19 Fearmongering?

Governments around the world instituted lockdowns due to the spread of the novel COVID-19 virus one year ago this month. Today, Bill looks at the numbers one year in, and believes much of government and media response to the virus was excessive...

Stimulus Checks for Dead People?

The third round of U.S. COVID-19 stimulus has started to hit Americans' bank accounts. In this federal spend-a-thon, the matter of who gets the money is complicated. Many households need aid. Others lied to receive it and some received checks... for deceased family members...

America’s Leaders Spare No Penny

Over the last 20 years, U.S. presidents have stepped up to every incident and crisis. They have asked Congress to open America's checkbook to solve these problems, to spend money the country didn't have. What would have happened if they were really courageous... and spared a penny or two in the process?