Bill Bonner's Diary

Larry Summers’ Bad Bet

We interrupt our regular programming to speak out in favor of Larry Summers; he is the perfect candidate to replace Ben Bernanke. Poor Larry… The critics are on his case. One called him a “high IQ moron.” No one likes to kick a man when he’s down. Unless the man on the ground is Larry […]

The War on the Young

Another slow day on Wall Street. Stocks up a little. Gold down a little. A hot summer day. Ain’t nuthin’ goin’ nowhere. Except away. “Bernanke vows no retreat from easy monetary policy,” says the headline on the Financial Times this morning. “On to Moscow!” he might have added with flair… echoing Napoleon or Adolf. Easy […]

End of the Gold Correction?

Once again, a lazy day on Wall Street. Dow down a little. Gold up a little. And bonds? It looks to us that the bond market has topped out. Some sovereign yields are up as much as 45% in the last three months. But we’ll have to wait to see – perhaps years – if […]

Was Adam Smith Wrong?

Investors are wilting. In these hot, hazy, humid days of summer, they are growing languid, squishy... and soft. They go to the beach. They think of other things. They read novels... or the mainstream press. Their brains turn to mush. There is little to report from yesterday's market action... which leaves us free to think about other things. What will we...

You Say You Want a Revolution

Is it a revolt?" Louis XVI asked the Duke de La Rochefoucauld. "No, sire, it is a revolution." We are already at the Ides of July. More than half of the year is already behind us. Friday, markets were flat. Neither gold nor stocks did anything worth reporting.

The End of the World As We Know It

Not much in the markets today to draw our attention. Other than another pronouncement by the Fed that it will remain "highly accommodative" for the so-called "foreseeable future." Then whither our thoughts? How about to the end of the world as we know it? This from The Wall Street Journal: