Tom DysonEditor, Postcards From the Fringe and Tom’s Portfolio;
Contributor, The Bonner-Denning Letter

Tom Dyson

Tom Dyson is the editor of Postcards from the Fringe and Tom’s Portfolio. He’s also a regular contributor to The Bonner-Denning Letter.

In 2018, Tom sold his furniture, handed back the keys to his Florida apartment, and set off on a two-year trip around the world. His Postcards from the Fringe e-letter is a chronicle of life on the road with his wife-again Kate and their three kids.

Tom also documents his thoughts on the markets and the global economy. He’s well-known for his contrarian ideas – among them, buying bitcoin when it was selling for less than $10, right before it climbed 302,000%… as well as his “all in” bet on gold in 2002, right before it became that decade’s best-performing investment.

But that wasn’t the last time Tom went all-in on gold. Starting in 2018, he bet nearly $1 million on a gold strategy he developed. He believes it could be the best way for investors to preserve their wealth over the next two decades. In Tom’s Portfolio, he breaks down the ideal model portfolio so anyone can follow his strategy.

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